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3 Ways To Deal with Workplace Conflict

3 Ways for Leaders to Deal with Workplace Conflict

Running a successful business often involves bringing people together from a diverse range of backgrounds. Unfortunately, while some personality types will blend well together, others won't be as successful. Regardless of how compatible certain members of a team might appear to be from a skills … [Read more...]

Profile On Cerrell Associates

Cerrell Associates has been active in the PR space for more than fifty years, responsible for moving some of the most significant projects and controversial issues in the California landscape forward. This organization frequently advocates for clever public policies in the social world, as well as … [Read more...]

Finding the Right PR Firm

Whether it's a startup, an established company, or even a charity non-profit organization, any professional group can benefit from the support of a good PR firm. The right PR agency can help a business to build and improve their brand image, attract new clients and more. If that wasn't enough, in … [Read more...]

What is a Public Relations Specialist?

The area of public relations is a complex one, with many different facets to think about. In general, a public relations company is an organization that a brand turns to when they need help building or maintaining the right image for their business. A public relations specialist is the key … [Read more...]

Vested PR Profile

Vested PR is a specialist company helping companies in the financial industry to improve brand awareness, enhance reputation and boost sales. Through an integrated mixture of communication skills including PR, paid media, and social expertise, Vested help companies from a range of backgrounds to … [Read more...]

Konnect Public Relations Profile

Konnect Public Relations Profile

As an agent of change in the beverage, food, franchise, family, and lifestyle industries, Konnect provides solutions to some of their client's biggest business challenges, through public relations, innovative marketing strategies, and campaigns designed to reach a broad range of audience … [Read more...]

How to Distribute a Press Release

How to Distribute a Press Release

Distributing a press release in today's online world can be a great way to increase brand exposure. The only problem is, many people don't know how to publish and promote their press information after they've written it. There are plenty of press release outlets available to choose from and … [Read more...]

Hawkins International PR Firm Profile

Hawkins International Pr Firm Profile

A boutique public relations firm in New York City, Hawkins International has extensive experience representing a range of multinational luxury and lifestyle brands, as well as iconic boutique companies. Hawkins International represents unique clients from around the world with a range of … [Read more...]