Profile On Cerrell Associates

Profile On Cerrell Associates

Cerrell Associates has been active in the PR space for more than fifty years, responsible for moving some of the most significant projects and controversial issues in the California landscape forward. This organization frequently advocates for clever public policies in the social world, as well as building effective coalitions and investing in marketing solutions to tell stories that drive results for their clients.

With extensive networks and connections with people all around California, Cerrell Associates knows what it takes to reach the audience that matters the most to their clients. The key to success for this brand is using a comprehensive approach to PR reputation management, communications, and marketing to help support those in government affairs, land use, and various other social campaigns.

Leadership and Clients

Cerrell Associates specializes in working on political and social campaign management, community engagement, and issues involving corporate social responsibility. They’re often connected with issue advocacy campaigns, crisis communications, and government relations, as well as public land use management too.

The organization prides itself on taking a value-driven approach to relationship and communication management which ensures consistency in the handling of each project. When the same team is always focused on achieving exceptional goals, clients can rest assured that they end up with powerful and cost-effective results. Over the years, this brand has become the firm of choice for many national, global, and local businesses doing business in the California region.

Cerrell Associates works with corporations, non-profit organizations, and government agencies in California, including Nielsen Media Research, Sun Microsystems, and Pepperdine University.

Perks and Problems

Cerrell Associates has a reputation built on fifty years of campaign management expertise, working with clients to win at complex political campaigns. The organization specializes in ballot strategies for state, regional, and local campaigns and can help to craft creative strategies that influence and sway public opinion using an integrated approach to earned and paid media.

For employees, Cerrell Associates offers a unique place to work with a competitive salary and plenty of great opportunities for people just getting started in the PR industry. The company encourages staff members to do their jobs in the best way possible with plenty of support and guidance, and there are also relaxation moments to look forward to like wine-sipping hours.

However, it can be difficult to find a job with Cerrell Associates as most new people join through referrals.

Getting a Job with Cerrell Associates

Cerrell Associates doesn’t make it as easy as some other companies to find a job with their organization. As the media environment continues to grow, the company will no doubt start to search for new skills to bring into its network.

To apply for a job or contact the team about opportunities, individuals can write an email including their cover letter and resume to


Cerrell Associates are an organization devoted to swaying public opinions and making a difference in the modern marketplace. They surround decision makers with persuasive messages to ensure that a brand or organization’s voice is always heard in the right context.

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