Marketing During A Pandemic

In the wake of a pandemic, which most people have never experienced, the novel coronavirus COVID-19 has managed to affect every part of people’ lives in a matter of weeks. Between the panic buying and the panic selling, crisis communications have become a valuable tool, which is going to be very useful in this ongoing crisis.

Within the marketing industry, this is a time where the experts are going to stand out from the amateurs, with most amateurs going on with their strategies as if nothing is happening in the world. Meanwhile, the professionals will be adjusting their strategies, sharing only when it’s deemed appropriate, as well as knowing exactly what to share with an audience.

Since marketing never stops, even while the global pandemic is the only thing people are concerned about, it’s still important to get essential messages out in front of an audience. Plenty of events and conferences have been canceled, and the professionals are all switching gears and thinking of other possible outlets, away from large gatherings and into homes. One of the ideal ways of staying in touch with an audience, while staying as far away as possible as a safety measure, is with content marketing. This is a comprehensive approach, that doesn’t simply mean publishing blog posts and editorial strategies anymore.

Content Marketing During a Pandemic

Ensuring that communication with the audience is consistent and timely is through content marketing. It’s the ideal way in the current situation for many sellers, companies, and brands to communicate and engage with an audience in a way that won’t be disrupted, no matter the situation.

With the right marketing strategies in place, it’s not difficult for marketers to only focus on lead generation channels, which have proven to be vital during this time. And, with the right approach, companies and brands now have an excellent opportunity to scale their events globally, thus, increasing the engagement.

One of the options is to transform all live and in-person events into digital events, complete with streaming outlets and ways to communicate with the audience in real-time. The target audience will still enjoy the event, from the comfort of their own homes, knowing that they are safe from the virus. Another excellent option is to increase customer service on social media. Instead of continuing to publish the scheduled social media posts and tweets, focus on the customers and what their needs are during these times. 

Next, during a time where everyone is advised to lay low, instead of focusing on the present or the future, it’s an excellent time to look back. Going through previous blog posts, bios, and any other posts that should be freshened up and remain relevant is an excellent way for any old content marketing content to remain applicable in the present day.

Finally, what every professional should be doing during this pandemic is to turn to some of the higher-level strategies and activities, as a way to make sure that the clients and the audience will get the most value from everyone’s services.

Ronn Torossian is the CEO and Founder of 5W Public Relations,  a leading digital pr and influencer marketing agency.