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China PR Firms

PR professionals must broaden their market to adapt to the globalizing economic environment. Everyone knows about China’s impressive economic charge into the global market. But it makes sense to learn about reputed and veteran PR firms who know the ropes of the media there. In China, government heavily intertwines with PR, so PR strategies must adapt.

Here are three strong PR firms in China to consider:

Illuminant Partners

Illuminant Partners

Based in China, Illuminant Partners focuses on advanced agency management technology. Their thoughtful website shows a rich history of clientele. In Architecture alone, the firm has worked with Asia Project Link, BVN Bligh Voller Neild, CCDI, Cox Group, Diane Bernstein Design, Dickson Rothschild, UAI United Architects International, and Woods Bagot. Other fields include businesses in Automobile, Banking and Finance, Beverages, Building Materials, Civil Engineering, Consumer Electronics, Education, Energy, Event Management and Services, Fashion, Fast Food, Government, Public Relations, Publishing, and on and on the list goes.

Within their main disciplines, Illuminant excels at Public Relations. Illuminant both affirms the possibility of PR to work for good or nefarious purposes. They tell interested firms to look for integrity, honesty, and professionalism in representation.

Another major discipline the firm excels at is Media Relations and Media Training. In China, this field encompasses over half of the total PR effort in any campaign. Illuminant has a deep understanding of the Chinese state-run daily rules for the media sector. They also have nurtured relationships with hundreds of key senior journalists and media editors. This means the firm has a highly refined targeting system for media coverage in China.

DT Communications

DT Communications Asia Pacific

Based out of Beijing, China, DT Communications Asia Pacific works across every industry sector. They have partnered with the national government and have resources in business and media. Specializations include public relations, corporate strategy, event management, marketing, and digital marketing.

DT Communications has many notable clients.  They include Giorgio Armani, Swarovski, Invesco, Forever21, HSBC, Links of London, Toyota, Clarins Fragrance Group, Lexus, Banana Republic, Sony, Samsung, Reebok, Levi’s, L’Oréal, and many others.

DT Communications has a subtle tact. They believe this is requisite for PR and marketing in China. Consider their work with the Condom maker Durex. They launched a massage oil called “Durex Massage 2 in 1,” under the tagline “be the king of foreplay!” There is no difficulty in piquing a couple’s interest in sex. But promoting playful intimacy with tact in China’s conservative environment is not easy. Sex and sexual issues are practically taboo subjects. DT combated this bias by changing consumer awareness of their perception of traditional oil products. This involves building awareness with education and use of Durex massage oil products.

Without using large-scale advertisements and events, DT promoted an interactive video. Encouraging users to learn about couples’ massage, foreplay, and lubricated pleasure. Increasing sales without embarrassing customers in a public store. DT shared the interactive video on social media.

After only fourteen days, over 70,000 users viewed the online video. The average site visit exceeded six minutes. On the Baidu search engine, “Durex massage oil” searches increased to 1.6 million from zero. Sina Weibo saw ten million people take part in Durex’s official microblogging platforms. Sales of Durex massage oil combo for two months exceeded 10,000 units, with online sales rising by a factor of three.

Liquid Impact

Liquid Impact

Founded in Shanghai in 2003, Liquid Impact is a lead live communications agency. They focus on creating a cross-disciplinary engagement through experience. Liquid Impact is experienced working with Chinese media and state regulations. They are a veteran ambassador firm for foreign companies seeking to expand their audience and consumer base into China. They have partnered with multinational corporations and state-owned enterprises, achieving innovative, high-impact, and unique events. This reputation defines their place in competitive markets.

Some notable clients include Absolut Vodka, Microsoft, Calvin Klein, Lufthansa, Delta Air Lines, Adidas, Audi, BMW, and the Cultural and Education Section of the British Embassy.

Liquid Impact adapts corporate marketing campaigns to Chinese audiences and customers. They can then introduce the same people to artists’ galleries and collaborative workshops. Additionally, Liquid hosts symphony orchestra performances, and pop star appearances. Liquid Impact ensures their clients make the best, brightest, and most spectacular impression in the Chinese market.

There are many good Chinese PR agencies.

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