Largest Public Relations Firms in China

China PR Firms

Everything PR has highlighted some of the biggest Public Relations Firms currently operating and offer PR services in China.

bluefocus - Chinese Communications Firm

Blue Focus

The industry leader in brand management in the Chinese market is none other than BlueFocus Communication Group. This firm was founded in Beijing, China in 1996 and was indexed as a stock during February of 2010 on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange/Growth Enterprise Market.This agency is known for a great media offering through an impressive collection of services. It’s a well-run entrepreneurial company.

Golin Asia - Chinese Public Relations Agency

Golin Asia

Golin seeks to simplify reputation management for their clients. As for its PR clout, Golin is brave, bold, and creative. By tapping into traditional, social, and global outlets, Golin’s clients move their brands forward in a way that ensures relevancy. Relevance is always key when connecting with the public abroad.

Whether it is a big public water fight in China or representing an extensive move for additional runway space in Hong Kong, Golin has its hand firmly in the Chinese PR market.

Edelman PR - Chinese Public Relations Firm


Edelman Beijing operates with 80 workers who all pitch in to meet each client’s needs. The firm’s dynamic location in Liangmaqiao Embassy gives it a close integration with what’s going on in Beijing city. Special areas Richard Edelman’s firm has excelled in include marketing communications, corporate, healthcare, and technology.

In recognizing the changing digital environment, Edelman Beijing makes the huge step into digital media to meet and surpass each client’s personal goals for growth.

Hill+Knowlton Strategies - Chinese Public Relations Company

Hill+Knowlton Strategies

H+K Strategies has over 80 offices globally with clients standing firm as Interbrand’s 2013 Top 100 Global Brands. The firm’s clients have also come from Fortune 500 organizations. The firm’s global presence from Beijing, China has lasted for over 25 years and is the first PR agency to establish a presence in the Chinese market.

This access into China began in 1984. Hill+Knowlton has more than 250 consultants worldwide. Its position in China has allowed the firm to see evolution and development in China’s adapting market economies.

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