How to Distribute a Press Release

How to Distribute a Press Release

Distributing a press release in today’s online world can be a great way to increase brand exposure. The only problem is, many people don’t know how to publish and promote their press information after they’ve written it. There are plenty of press release outlets available to choose from and selecting the right PR distribution strategy can be the key to making sure that an announcement has the right impact on a target audience.

One to keep in mind when distributing a press release is that timing can be everything. A lot of experts advise submitting press releases to communities in the morning to give news wires plenty of time to pick up on the story. If other people see the press release and decide to share their comments on it through blogs and articles, this can increase the promotional impact of the original marketing strategy and send more traffic back to a business.

Start by Researching Distribution Outlets:

The first step to sending out a press release is researching the available outlets that might be willing to share a brand story either on their website or through a social media post. It’s worth noting that a company’s budget often dictates how far they can cast their press release net. Some press release websites will require payment – as they allow companies to access a much wider range of potential audience members. While there are free options out there, they’re not always as effective.

Choosing the right press release outlet is crucial. In order to make sure that they pick the right ones, today’s companies will need to think carefully about what kind of audience they’re trying to reach, and where their customers spend the majority of their time online. Researching the demands and expectations of each press release outlet can also help to ensure that when you’re ready to send your proposal, you don’t miss any crucial information.

Consider a Press Release Distribution Service:

Sometimes, the best way to make the most of a press release is to distribute it to as many different channels as possible. This expands the number of potential customers who will get to see the information and increases a company’s chances that their news will appear on other media outlets. A distribution service can be a good way to speed up sending out press releases.

The important thing to keep in mind with press release distribution services is that most companies get what they pay for. While some distribution services can be highly useful, others aren’t nearly as helpful as working with a professional PR agency. At the end of the day, a PR company can help to assess the press needs of a specific company and use their intimate relationship with the press to facilitate a powerful amount of promotion.

While there are plenty of technology tools available online today that can help brands to distribute press releases on their own, it’s safe to say that few things are more effective than working with a PR agency on marketing and reputation management strategies.

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