Konnect Public Relations Profile

Konnect Public Relations Profile

As an agent of change in the beverage, food, franchise, family, and lifestyle industries, Konnect provides solutions to some of their client’s biggest business challenges, through public relations, innovative marketing strategies, and campaigns designed to reach a broad range of audience categories.

Konnect PR believe that their success lies in the benefits provided by their high-quality team and their collaborative approach to work. They aim to connect with health-minded consumers looking for strong solutions for their everyday products, entrepreneurs, millennial’s, and mothers.

Konnect Public Relations Leadership and Clients:

Sabina Gault is the woman responsible for bringing Konnect Public Relations to life in 2009. Since the company began, it’s quickly emerged as an award-winning communications and marketing brand, with offices spreading outwards from Los Angeles into other parts of the United States.

As both a passionate PR expert and a marketing practitioner, Sabina takes a state of the art approach to client services, with measurable results in her client communication services. The effort that Sabina puts into building Konnect PR is evident in it’s significant success and growth rate of 60% year-over-year. The company deals with clients from various industries, and serves a roster of clients like KRAVE jerky, The Goddard School, Kite Hill, and Sky Zone.

Konnect Public Relations Perks and Problems:

Konnect Public Relations is a Los Angels company with expertise in a range of different sectors, including content creation, public relations, and more. The brand takes an integrated approach to their campaign and believes in collaboration and community in their culture. Konnect believes that their team of 50+ experts performs well because of the integrated approach they take to everything they do.

Employees believe that the business offers a selection of great perks and opportunities to work as part of a thriving team. There are plenty of chances for growth within the community, however, the boutique nature of the team often leads to overworked employees. This can lead to a stressful environment.

Konnect Public Relations Services:

Konnect Public Relations offers services that spread all the way from social media marketing to content creation, public relations, and more. They focus on working with clients in the beverage, food, franchise, family, and lifestyle areas because they feel that working in areas that resonate with their employees is important.

Getting a Job with Konnect Public Relations:

Konnect Public Relations claims that the professional team is constantly looking for a new selection of smart and creative people to join their ambitious community. Those interested in applying in a job with Konnect PR can check out the career page for the business on their brand website or send a resume with an attached cover letter to the careers@konnectagency.com email address.

Konnect Public Relations Miscellaneous:

At less than a decade old, the Konnect Public Relations agency is still relatively new, but it has already achieved a number of awards. Since the agency came to life in 2009, Konnect has achieved the title of the number 1 PR agency on the Inc list for the Fastest Growing Companies in the US. Additionally, the company is also one of the best places to work by the Los Angeles Business Journal.

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