Meghalaya Information Technology Society (MITS) Issues Social Media RFP

Meghalaya Information Technology Society (MITS) Issues Social Media RFP

Chief Minister’s Office, Government of Meghalaya desires to engage a credible agency for Social Media Communication Hub with 24 x 7 mode of functioning, Social Media Monitoring & Management and Digital Advertising on turnkey basis for generating awareness amongst the masses and building a truly interactive communication system for the citizens with the Chief Minister of Meghalaya and his office.


The Government of Meghalaya created the Department of Information Technology (D.I.T.) in May, 2001 with a view of making available the benefits of Information and Communication Technology to all citizens, especially the poor and disadvantaged section of the population, businesses and Government employees and all other stakeholders. Government of Meghalaya through I.T. Department plans to realise its vision of transforming the state of Meghalaya into one of the most preferred and leading destinations for investments in I.T./I.T.E.S., high-end technology and electronics industry in East India or NorthEast Region.

To effectively leverage I.C.T. (Information and Communication Technology) for the State’s overall development and focus on I.T. dissemination and usage as a crucial engine of economic growth and as a tool for increasing productivity, effectiveness, speed and transparency in governance leading to improved quality of life for the common man, businesses and internal Governmental agencies.

Scope of Work:

Social Media Management

  1. To setup a complete Social Media Hub, Online Media Communication and Research Centre for  the Chief Minister’s Office.
  2. Set up a complete social networking management system for the Chief Minister’s Office and  manage the same by deploying requisite number of persons with requisite qualifications and  skills-set who can gather, collate and post content on the social media websites, take  photographs and video under supervision of the Chief Minister’s Office. Any hardware or hardware resource required for this project

III. Chart out a detailed Social Media strategy and research objectives that would meet all the key objectives for the Chief Minister’s Office.

  1. Management of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram and other social media identities for the Chief Minister’s Office.
  2. Generate buzz about Chief Minister’s and Government of Meghalaya’s activities and engage citizens over its initiatives.
  3. Round the clock running of social media sites, updating, analysing social media trends, moderation and intervention as and when required.

VII. Feedback/comment management on regular basis, moderation of pages on regular basis to keep the social media site free from spam/advertisement/ inappropriate contents, appropriate tagging etc.

VIII. Manage response on social accounts through setting up standard response management processes.

  1. Create live interaction sessions with the Hon’ble Chief Minister and Officials as desired from time to time.
  2. Video Record interviews, events and edit the same properly for use of Social Media and other online mediums.
  3. Repackaging of the content (videos and photographs) into suitable formats (video packages and others)

XII. Uploading of repackaged and creative content on various social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, twitter etc.

XIII. Agency/Consultant would be responsible for enhancement of the reach of the messages and other schemes of Government of Meghalaya on various social media platforms.

XIV. The Agency/Consultant should be able to develop interesting and innovative content, campaigns, competitions, so as to have proper communication strategy for various social media platforms to enhance the reach of content in real time basis.

  1. Provide detailed analytics about Social Media activities.

XVI. Ensure that significant posts made by the public on all the Chief Minister’s social networking sites are monitored on a real time basis and is brought to the notice of the designated official on daily basis.

XVII. Use appropriate CRM to track relevant social media handles and monitor the following:

  1. Monitor social media sentiments
  2. Monitor and track overall trends on various social media platforms
  3. Message Monitoring – this will help in understanding overall social media response to a message, tweet or data
  4. To generate reports in various formats like graphs, charts etc.
  5. Analyse various activities happening on Social Media and Segregation of activities into problematic and non-problematic based on various keywords such as violence; Holocaust; Riots etc.

XVIII. Enhance audience engagement on all social Media channels through designing and implementing contests, campaigns & promotions, etc. Generate buzz about Chief Minister and his activities and engage citizens over the initiatives of Government of Meghalaya.

XIX. Training, skill up-gradation and capacity building of the officers of various Departments of Government of Meghalaya to handle social media sites through but not limited to lecture, seminar, workshop, class room and online teaching.

  1. Should have credible contingency plan to effectively handle crisis and emergencies.

XXI. Agency/Consultant would also be responsible for advertising of Chief Minister’s and Government of Meghalaya’s various schemes, acts and related activities on the social media platforms.

XXII. The agency/consultant will be responsible for creating and releasing digital advertisements and create campaigns in Social Media sites, websites empanelled by the Govt. Of Meghalaya. Agencies should be able to provide documents in support of carrying out digital campaigns in Social Media as well as leading web portals.

XXIII. Pre and Post establishment support – Any kind of support with regard to smooth functioning of hardware/equipment, software development. – The agency should provide 24 x 7 technical-support for maintenance of Chief Minister’s various Social Media Platforms through in-house staff.

Website with Dashboard Development & Management

  1. To create a website for CM’s Office which will primarily include the following features:
  2. Modern, user friendly website
  3. Various dynamic contents such as news items, videos, images etc prominently displayed
  4. Placeholders for various notices, letters, documents that CM Office would like to share
  5. Citizen’s Feedback Management system( Grievance Management)
  6. Provision for integration with other related Government website like megpgrams.
  7. Provision to add relevant micro sites like CM’s dashboard etc.
  8. Links to CMO’s various social media accounts.
  9. Website should be compliant to applicable policies and guidelines laid out by the Government of India pertaining to hosting of Government website viz. latest                          GIGW (Guidelines for Indian Govt website), Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 etc.
  10. The website should be interoperable and scalable.
  11. The source code and the content will remain the property of MITS and Govt of Meghalaya.
  12. The CMO’s website with Dashboard to be developed and hosted in MSDC within 3 months from the date of signing of agreement.

III. Develop complete Website with Reporting and Dashboard management system for the Chief Minister’s Office and manage the same by deploying requisite number of persons with requisite qualifications and skills-set who can gather, collate and post content on the website, take photographs and video under supervision of the Chief                                    Minister’s Office. Provide any hardware or hardware resource required for this purpose.

  1. The website once developed will be hosted in the Meghalaya State Data Center (MSDC). The hosting facility shall be provided by MITS without any charges.
  2. The Agency will be responsible for security testing of the website from Cert empanelled agency, before hosting at MSDC.
  3. Daily update and manage the website.

Due Date:

August 9th


Tender Box at the Information Technology & Communications Department, Govt. of Meghalaya, Shillong – 793001, Meghalaya.

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