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Vested PR is a specialist company helping companies in the financial industry to improve brand awareness, enhance reputation and boost sales. Through an integrated mixture of communication skills including PR, paid media, and social expertise, Vested help companies from a range of backgrounds to achieve incredible things in today’s competitive digital marketplace.

Vested addresses the common problems that financial services firms have when it comes to issuing the right messages to the public and their clients. Either these individuals often suffer from not being able to broadcast their message in the right way, or they don’t know how to talk to their customers. Vested solves this problem for global institutions and startups alike.

Leadership and Clients

An integrated communications company that’s focused on living life at the cutting edge of finance, Vested merges expertise in the financial sector with creative to deliver campaigns for clients around the world. This organization prides itself on working with some of the best brands in the financial industry, including established global enterprises, and some of the most disruptive startups in the financial tech sector.

Vested works alongside companies like Bloomberg, Asset International, Elevate, Investopedia, and the Institutional Investor Journals, which helps to demonstrate their thought leadership and expertise in the financial space.

Perks and Problems

Vested employees have expertise in everything from social media management to owned and earned media. Indeed, the company uses a range of promotional strategies, including thought leadership content and curated information, partnerships with strategies and co-branding efforts, and influencer engagement to help organizations in the fintech world achieve their goals.

As an employer, Vested offers employees a fantastic chance to get started in the PR world, with collaboration across the board and plenty of exposure to work with some of the world’s biggest brands. There’s also plenty of training available for those who need help honing their skills.

To get a glimpse at what life is like in Vested, check out their Instagram feed.

Getting a Job with Vested PR

To help attract some of the best talents in the financial and PR worlds, Vested constantly shares new and improved benefits for all of their employees. The CEO of Vested published an article in Forbes on how to build a stronger and more engaged company. Although employees in the Vested team must go above and beyond for the brand, they also get a lot of great perks in return, including unlimited vacation days, and a three-month sabbatical once every four years.

Additionally, employees can also choose from health care support, get support for a 401K, and access expense accounts to make the most of their PR projects. There’s also free snacks, sodas and fruit every day, and commission on new candidates and business too so that individuals can add extra money to their regular competitive income.

To find out more about applying for a Vested career candidates can send a message to the company through the online contact form here.

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