Optimist Consulting: A PR Firm For Luxury Brands

Optimist Consulting is a luxury public relations and digital marketing company that has a talent for developing gripping stories which create meaningful and deep connections between their clients and target audiences. This company has brought together some of the best creative minds in the various luxury markets – from luxury goods and retail to real estate and experiences. These experts offer each and every client a detailed approach that can leverage impressive media relations, along with collaborations and special events. Combined with professional media consulting at Optimist Consulting, the target audiences are always fully engaged throughout the process.

The team onboard Optimist Consulting has several decades of combined experience in launching both premier global brands as well as signature properties. The end goal is to make each client stand out in their respective fields over time.

They specialize in creating social media strategies, excellent smart media relations, special events, and partnerships, offer photography as well as video services, and also provide influencer and celebrity relations. The team at Optimist Consulting has a goal to become a part of the client’s team so that they can create incredible stories that will be presented to the target audiences via press, events, social media and content.

Optimist Consulting is here to create impactful 360-degree campaigns for any lifestyle or luxury brand. The company was co-founded by Scott Cooke, Leslie LeCount and Paul Lerner. Between the three, they have many years of experience in producing events, corporate positioning, brand strategy, media relations, and event management, alongside the facets of public relations.

Together, along with a team of experts onboard Optimist Consulting, the company has brought plenty of success to a number of their clients, and last year, Optimist Consulting was named as one of the top Specialty PR Firms in New York by the Observer.

Some of the top luxury brands that have put their faith into Optimist Consulting for leading the public image and public relations aspects of the companies include Audemars Piguet, Central Park Conservancy, Material Good, Brookfield Place New York, 15 Hudson Yards, The Woolworth Tower Residences, 130 William, 25 Park Row, 53West53, and many more.

If you’re ever in need of freshening up your social media game and are looking to bring new clients to your luxury brand, Optimist Consulting is the best choice you can make. They will take the utmost care in creating an attractive social media campaign that will surround your brand, and effectively use every single social media platform to achieve the maximum amount of success.

You can decide today that in the new decade your brand is going to be at the top of the market, but none of that can happen unless you have an eye-catching public relations campaign. And that’s exactly where Optimist Consulting can help. All the way from start to finish, leading your luxury brand to new heights.

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