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There are some PR firms who prefer to buy space on Google rather than appearing on Search Engine’s organically – utilizing Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) – and while its SURE that they don’t know the digital media world if they are communications companies buying space, here’s a few of them:

INK Public Relations

INK Public Relations

Co-founded by Starr Million Baker and Keri Hernandez in 2004, INK PR displays their familiarity with the most cutting edge and accessible PPC website for a new generation of public relations. This includes short phrases accompanying graphics are catchy and easy to access and flip through on any medium. These campaigns of memes are particularly creative for clients who are looking for businesses looking to attract younger crowds.

Ink’s niche is to personalize every message and campaign for a client. “We believe effective communication is tailored and personal. This means we bend over backward for our clients to service their unique story and style. In media relations, it means no mass, generic pitches here.”


Stuntman PR everything-pr

Stuntman PR

Founded in 2010 by Neil Alumkal, New York-based Stuntman PR boasts a host of high-end clients.

Mr. Alumkal was at the peak of his career when he worked at 5WPR for a number of years. Unlike many PR firms, Stuntman combines fresh approaches to PR while still projecting a classic style, reminiscent of early-century figures like P.T. Barnum and Edward Bernays. This bold approach has allowed Stuntman campaigns to cut through the cluttered media landscape, which is why their big ideas have landed them  clients, such as The History Channel, Traveler Beer Co., and others.

Warschawski PR


David Warschawski founded his Baltimore-based firm in 1996 to merge boutique agency care with large agency experience and expertise, and has worked with many leading brands over the course of his career including Adidas, Microsoft, Verizon Wireless, USA Swimming, DEWALT, The Country of Norway, The Country of Switzerland, The Athlete’s Foot, Hair Cuttery, New Balance, Topps, Century 21, Fila, Medifast, GORE-TEX, The United Way, Ripken Baseball, Sylvan Learning, SunTrust, The International Olympic Committee, and Penguin Books.

Rosica Public Relations everything-pr


Founded in 1980 by John and Marilyn Rosica, this firm headquartered in Paramus, New Jersey, relies on a more traditional PR approach for their clients. Since their beginning with Famous Amos Cookies, Rosica has relied on this classic approach to PR to consistently deliver reliable results.

So reliable in fact, that their work with Wally Amos, creator of Famous Amos Cookies, actually serves as a case study in PR and marketing classes. Their approach was simple. Using grassroots media events and a marketing tie-in with Literary Volunteers of America, Rosica used Mr. Amos’s unique persona to drive the branding process and make Famous Amos Cookies a household name. When Keebler purchased Famous Amos in 1998 for $200 million, Rosica proved the value of their traditional approach.



Founded in 2004, Denver-based CSG PR is at their core, a firm that focuses on engagement. A firm that leverages the advantages technology affords, CSG places an emphasis on solid metrics that form the foundation of their PR strategy. Using this data, CSG identifies influential people and organizations, such as media, analysts, associations, and others to efficiently drive a message or campaign.

Referring to it as “Influencer relations”, CSG claims, “We find stakeholders who can have impact; establish an authentic voice among champions who can help spread your message; build and maintain channels of communication, and engage your prospective and existing clients and customers. We help you establish a clear path and approach to influencers, exponentially driving sustainable and profitable long‐term growth.”


 Maven PR

Maven PR

Low profile Maven PR was founded by Angela Nibbs in 2002. This discrete San Francisco firm boasts an impressive client list while still managing to stay out of the press. Angela herself has held multiple senior level positions at prestigious firms such as H+K Strategies, Edelman Worldwide, and Grayling. Not content with working for these high-level firms, she started Maven Communications, and, as a result, has worked with clients such as Goldman Sachs, Charles Schwab, and the Sonoma Film Festival.

PPC advertising clearly works for some.

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