Marketing Promotional Events

2018-12-18 by EPR Staff

There are a lot of things to consider when marketing an upcoming event. It can be a stressful process - you’re worried about the turnout and how you can make the most out of the event. We’ve created a simple guide so you’re not overwhelmed. Take these guidelines into consideration in creating your event marketing plan to successfully reach your target audience and maximize attendance and attendee satisfaction:   Set a goal and a budget What do you want to achieve out of the event? The answer to this question should be the basis of your marketing plan. Your goals... Read More >

Public Relations Request for Proposal – RFP

2018-01-25 by EPR Staff
request for proposal public relations

  At Everything PR, we cover the full spectrum of interests, activities, and PR-related topics. What could be more interesting to PR Agency professionals than the prospect of a new client? And for companies looking for help with their public relations, we want to make it easier for you to find the perfect fit. We happily provide this service as part of our ongoing public relations news updates.  If you have a request for proposal to add to this list (updated weekly), please tell us all about it by forwarding the information using the instructions and email listed at We... Read More >

Want to Learn What Successful Chief Marketing Officers Have to Say?

2017-06-29 by EPR Staff
Young Jewish Professionals

If your answer is a definitive YES, then you are in luck because on July 12th beginning at 4:30 pm, you have a chance to do exactly that at a Young Jewish Professionals (YJP) event. Hear from CMOs such as Pinterest’s Eric Edge, Nestle Nespresso’s Davide Moro, Grubhub’s Barbara Martin Coppola, and at nearly 20 additional CMOs and communications specialists, 19 of which are going to be speakers at the event. The co-chair is Brad Horowitz, CEO of Elite Marketing Group and integrated as well as experiential marketing specialist. Moderators will be Playbuzz’s chief storyteller, Shachar Orren, and Innovid’s SVP... Read More >

What We Can Learn About Successful PR from ISIS

2016-07-25 by EPR Staff
Western Nations Struggling to Sell Citizens on Security

[caption id="attachment_82935" align="aligncenter" width="810"] Image courtesy of ABC News[/caption] When talking about successful branding ISIS isn’t the group most people would think of first. But, ISIS is a group that has learned to promote itself using well-planned marketing and public relations. They have learned to present themselves using very sophisticated PR approaches and methods. While there cause may not be acceptable to us, they use it in the way that increases their brand with their target market and PR specialists can learn from their tactics. ISIS may want to re-emerge the world in a less enlightened time, and they are... Read More >

Cities In Texas & California Issue Marketing RFP’s

2015-12-30 by EPR Staff
RFP - Requet for Proposal

The City of Denton, Texas’ Economic Development Division is soliciting proposals from marketing agencies to provide creative and media services for various Economic Development programs. Types of projects may include (but are not limited to) copywriting and editing, graphic design, video production and videography, photography, content development, advertising, marketing, planning/strategy/research functions, and website development. Denton - located in North Texas on the north end of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is comprised of an educated and creative population – two universities, two hospitals, an industrial district, and a community of entrepreneurs and business owners – that values sustainability and collaboration, as... Read More >

America’s First English Settlement Seeks A PR Firm For Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation

2015-12-30 by EPR Staff
The Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation

The Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation (JYF) is seeking proposals from public relations firms with significant national experience in travel and tourism to plan, coordinate, implement and administer a national and regional public relations campaign to introduce the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown. The American Revolution Museum at Yorktown will have a grand opening in 2017.  JYF also operates Jamestown Settlement museum and anticipates companion messaging on this museum and a combination ticket in public relations efforts. $15 Million has been raised to finance the opening of the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown’s gallery exhibits, outdoor exhibits and educational resources. Jamestown Settlement is... Read More >

Three Powerful PR Moves

2015-12-29 by EPR Staff
Allison Partners - Scott Allison

Allison+Partners lands Fox Home Entertainment Recently, Allison+Partners won a competitive review and now stands as the lead consumer agency for Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. In this position, the firm aims to push national consumer marketing in the U.S. and Canada to roughly one hundred titles per year. “Fox Home Entertainment is a leading force in the quickly-changing home entertainment space. The abundance of content, new technology and changing platforms has created a very exciting and dynamic environment,” said Scott Pansky, Allison+Partners’ Co-Founder and Senior Partner. “Consumers have more options and power than ever before, so building deep and meaningful... Read More >

New Social Media Roles Render Advertising and Public Relations Education Incomplete

2015-12-28 by EPR Staff
Social Media Roles

In light of the increasing new role of social media in building brand images, traditional education for advertising and journalism students may no longer suffice. New market challenges continually prove too difficult, based on the limitations of classroom learning. Can educators teach students how to bring different disciplines into a strong, unified base? Will students prove capable of successful public representation? Baylor Study Reveals General Inadequacies in Education To answer this question, let’s take a look at the article titled “Gaps in Advertising and Public Relations Education: Perspectives of Agency Leaders,” published in the Journal of Advertising Education. In this... Read More >

The Strength of PR

2015-12-24 by EPR Staff
The Strength of PR

Specialization of labor has helped human civilization to grow and expand for thousands of years. As jobs and even everyday activities become more technical, the need for well-trained experts in the fields of IT, business, medicine and engineering continue to rise. One field gaining popularity and importance in the business world is public relations. Today, people rely on PR firms to chart the way ahead even when they have little more than the end goal in mind. Such was the case of an Iowa school district looking to hire a PR firm to lobby on their behalf. The Tall Order... Read More >

West Virginia Issues Communications & Social Media RFP

2015-12-24 by EPR Staff

The West Virginia Coalition for Technology-Based Economic Development (TechConnectWV) has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to identify a PR firm responsible for designing and implementing a comprehensive communications strategy for TechConnectWV. TCWV is a coalition of professionals dedicated to growing and diversifying West Virginia’s economy by advancing innovation-based economic development. TCWV was created to facilitate the growth of West Virginia’s technology economy and the commercialization of research innovations developed across the state. TechConnectWV’s goals are to diversify the state’s economy, spur creation of high-wage jobs in high- growth industries, and promote economic prosperity. The selected agency is responsible for... Read More >

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