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Allison+Partners lands Fox Home Entertainment

Recently, Allison+Partners won a competitive review and now stands as the lead consumer agency for Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. In this position, the firm aims to push national consumer marketing in the U.S. and Canada to roughly one hundred titles per year.

“Fox Home Entertainment is a leading force in the quickly-changing home entertainment space. The abundance of content, new technology and changing platforms has created a very exciting and dynamic environment,” said Scott Pansky, Allison+Partners’ Co-Founder and Senior Partner. “Consumers have more options and power than ever before, so building deep and meaningful relationships and emotionally connecting and engaging with fans is essential.”

In their new role, Allison+Partners manage several sectors for project management including campaign development, content marketing, events, media and talent relations, and much more. Already the firm promotes fifteen active titles, including the nearing twenty-fifth-anniversary edition of Home Alone, The Martian, Santa’s Little Helper, Star Wars: Episode VII, and Brooklyn.

“Our marketing communications approach centers around today’s consumer and their evolving habits in digital and home entertainment,” added James Finn, executive vice president of corporate and marketing communications for Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. “Allison+Partners’ enthusiasm and passion for consumer marketing was immediately prevalent. Their creative approach to content development and storytelling and deep media relationships complement our team’s strengths.”

This is a great success for Allison+Partners’ LA office. Their expertise and capabilities have grown into a golden age of consumer tech, digital entertainment, and consumer marketing. Allison+Partners also has an impressive list of recent clients. The list includes Thunder Studios and Focus Brands (Moe’s Southwest Grill, McAlister’s Deli, and Schlotzsky’s Café & Bakery).

“With strong roots and expertise in consumer technology and digital entertainment, winning Fox Home Entertainment now gives us an LA anchor in the home entertainment business,” commented Los Angeles General Manager Carline Jorgensen, who is the account’s strategic lead. “We bring tremendous relationships with key vertical media, target influencers and like-minded brands to help Fox Home Entertainment grow its share of voice.”

At Jorgensen’s right hand is Senior Vice President Stacey Johnes, a ten year veteran of home entertainment. She serves as daily account lead. The majority of the team spreads across the continent, in LA, Phoenix, and New York City. In Canada, the public relations agency known as Veritas Communications (of MDC Partners) provides support.

Porter Novelli PR

A U.K. PR Firm Spins a Web:

The U.K. office of the PR firm, Porter Novelli, played an active part in the establishment of what many now call the saddest day of the year. January 24th, or the 3rd or 4th Monday in January is now officially known as Blue Monday. Concocted by a psychology professor teaching evening classes in adult education, the craze began with his equation of formulas consisting of debt, fading holiday memories, salary, weather, and other difficult issues facing people at this time of year.

Porter Novelli shared the equations and alleged proofs with the public in a press release. It was a publicity stunt to sell travel packages for a defunct British travel agency. The premise of the campaign was, if the doldrums hit the best thing to do is take a trip to chase away the blues. Despite the obvious tongue in cheek move, Porter Novelli received criticism for the campaign.

Although the authenticity of the equation proved false, the prevalence of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is very real for many people. To exploit this via an ad campaign raised ethical questions.

In spite of the backfire, the campaign enjoyed some success. Though launched with questionable motives, the myth of Blue Monday continues today. So in that way, Porter Novelli success provided a solution to a real problem. In fact, many companies over the years used similar tactics to sell their merchandise, travel included.

Elton John Gary Farrow

Elton John and The Corporation’s Gary Farrow Say Goodbye:

Elton John parted ways with longtime publicist, Gary Farrow. Farrow cited “directional differences” of the artist’s new management as the cause.

“Contractual, media, and PR directional differences between Elton’s new management and myself have proved wider than I ever imagined and leave me with little option but to leave,” Farrow said recently in an article in PRWeek. “It simply remains for me to thank Elton for all the memorable experiences we have shared,” he concluded.

The Corporation was established in 2005 by Farrow and is one of the most noted PR firms in the entertainment industry.

Murray Chalmers PR now handles publicity for Rocket Entertainment. This music management company was co-founded by Elton John and manages his own PR and those of other artists.

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