Richmond, British Columbia Seeks Marketing Agency

Richmond, British Columbia Seeks Marketing Agency

The City of Richmond, in British Columbia, Canada is seeking a marketing agency to prepare a three year (2017-2019) Marketing Plan to ensure the Division is effectively marketing its programs and services and that efforts are coordinated across the Division and integrated with Corporate communication goals, strategies and priorities.

About Richmond, BC, Canada

Richmond is a culturally diverse and geographically unique community centrally located in Metro Vancouver. With a population last estimated at 207,500 people, Richmond has undergone enormous change over the last several decades, with significant growth in the early 1990s. Today, Richmond is a dynamic, multi-ethnic community. Much of the recent population growth has been made up of Asian immigrants. People of Chinese or South Asian ancestry represent more than 60 per cent of Richmond residents.

The City is committed to a relationship-based approach in the delivery of community services. Building relationships between quality of life service providers is critical to the sustainable success of the system. These relationships help ensure effective and efficient use of limited resources. In keeping with a relationship-based approach, Community Associations have become integral to the delivery of community recreation services in Richmond.


The purpose of the three year updated Marketing Plan (2017- 2019) for Community Services is to ensure that:

  • The Division is contributing to the City realizing its vision of being “the most appealing, livable and well-managed community in Canada”;
  • Richmond residents, stakeholders and visitors are well-informed about the services, programs, events and opportunities offered by Community Services, leading to increased registration, participation and engagement;
  • The Division is strategic in the marketing of programs and services to key target audiences through more effective understanding and response to the product, price, place, promotion and people mix;
  • A consistent and effective image and identity is developed to strengthen and position Community Services in a competitive marketplace; and
  • Dedicated marketing and communication resources are allocated and coordinated to respond efficiently and effectively to corporate, divisional and community priorities.

Proposal due by July 5th to:

5754P – Consulting Services for a Community Services Division 2017-2019 Marketing Plan
the Purchasing Section Information Counter on Main Floor,
Richmond City Hall
6911 No. 3 Road,
Richmond BC V6Y 2C1

Canada remains a growing market for PR – even more so with the recent purchase of Shift Communications by a Canadian owned company.

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