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Lion & Lamb Communications is proudly celebrating 15 years of success serving industries that cater and appeal to people’s lifestyle, health and leisure times.  As internationally known Nigerian Evangelist T.S. Joshua was once quoted as saying, “You are who you are by virtue of the company you keep,” Lamb & Lion Communications is associated with award-winning clients through its demonstration of leadership in those industries it assists throughout the globe.

The company that Lamb & Lion Communications has kept are leaders in their respective fields.  Besides hospitality and lifestyle, their clients are not only all well-known but excel in travel, wellness, and spirits.

Leadership and Clients

When company founders Rachel Harrison and Melanie Weitzner started up their business in 2004, they had already racked up more than 25 years in marketing, public relations, and communications experience.  Yet, they also saw the need and desire in companies for higher levels of success.  Based on that, they set a goal of being ahead of the curve in serving their clients.

Just a few of their successful and well-known clients include the Terme Di Relilax Boutique Hotel & Spa near Venice, Italy.  Chateau Montelena, a legendary 137-year-old winery in Napa, California, Neuhaus Belgian Chocolates, and Dream Midtown, a classic and elegant hotel in the heart of Manhattan.  Lion & Lamb Communications serves more than four dozen other clients worldwide.

Lion & Lamb Agency’s Philosophy

Rachel and Melanie attribute their success to closely analyzing each client’s needs and goals and then tailoring the strategy to the market(s) they’re in.  They recognized that it was easy to template things like some competitors were doing but kept sight of their goal.  

As a boutique agency, Lion & Lamb pay close attention to the finer details.  Instead of blasting a news release to all the media, they make the extra effort to identify which media would most likely be interested in a particular story or client and focus their attention in that direction.

Other Markets The Agency Impacts

In addition to their marketing and strategic planning expertise, Lamb & Lion Communications has a well-rounded background and expertise in other areas critical to the successful continuation of a thriving business.  These other areas of special expertise include leveraging social media, including the use of influencers, content creation, internal communications, special events, and crisis communications.

With the rapid changes in today’s digital world, keeping abreast of the latest developments and deviations are even more important to a company’s survival.  Lion & Lamb monitor and maintain a close watch on these and have the personnel and tools to adapt and advise clients.

How The Owners See Themselves

As if in keeping with Lion & Lamb Communications’  name, Rachel and Melanie have previously been quoted as saying and have even posted the following on their website, “Sometimes we roar, sometimes we whisper, but if there’s a story, we make sure it’s told.”  With their staff of 23 other professionals, Lion & Lamb Communications stands ready to assist any client who’s interested in elevating their organization’s visibility and revenue.

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