Coyne PR Profile

Coyne PR Profile

Coyne PR describes themselves as one of the top Independent PR companies for US clients. They’re a highly independent and creative team that pride themselves on their free-thinking approach to marketing strategies. Coyne PR notes that they’re comfortable taking chances and thinking outside of the box when it comes to overcoming client challenges, which may be why they’ve earned such a strong reputation today.

Coyne PR Leadership and Clients:

While Coyne PR hold their expertise in the areas of studio promotion, health, corporate, and consumer PR, they also work well with several industries, ranging all the way from consumer technology, to food and nutrition, and media and publishing. Coyne has specialist teams working for each sector they serve, but they often “cross-pollinate” ideas to deliver inspirational results.

Coyne’s client roster is incredibly impressive, as it includes some of the biggest and best-known companies in the world, including Hard Rock International, the Walt Disney Company, Shell Oil, Timberland, Vtech and many more.

Coyne PR Perks and Problems:

Coyne believes in being not only the best PR agency in the US, but also the best employer too. They claim that they want to give their employees a powerful place to work, supported by a good atmosphere and plenty of great clients to work with. However, in reviews, employees often say that the company can struggle with work-life balance.

While Coyne offers a good introduction to the public relations industry, it’s also earned something of a reputation as a party PR company, where it can be hard to focus on work at times.

Coyne PR Services:

Coyne PR offers a range of diverse and exciting services to their clients, intended to help them promote their brand identity and reach new customers in their chosen fields. From branded content creation, to help designing powerful marketing campaigns, there’s something for almost any client, including:

  • Integrated campaigns
  • Animation and design
  • Web development
  • Video production
  • Advertising
  • PSAs

Getting a Job with Coyne PR:

For those searching for an exciting experience in the world of Public Relations, it seems that Coyne could be a great place to get started. Though the reviews offered by employees are somewhat mixed, they are largely positive.

Coyne believes in the work hard, play hard approach to professional life. They feel that it’s important for their staff to have plenty of fun in between client projects, and they often note that work-life balance is an integral part of the Coyne experience. The goal that Coyne has for their employees is to ensure that they’re not just making a living but doing what they love too! Those interested in getting a job with Coyne PR can check out their careers page.


At the heart of the Coyne PR firm, is a commitment to creating a great working environment. Apparently, Tom Coyne, who founded the company in 1991 has a reputation for creative thinking, dedication to client service, and hard work. When he established his company, Coyne wanted to make sure that the brand he made treat people with respect and gave them a great work life.

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