Riverside Transit Agency Seeks Media Company

Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) intends to establish a contract with a selected firm to provide Radio Planning, Production and Buying Services. The term “Radio” for this project includes traditional AM/FM broadcast radio as well as streaming radio including Pandora and iHeart Radio. The time period for this project will be March 1, 2018 to May 31, 2018.


RTA is a joint powers agency providing public transportation services to the cities of Banning, Beaumont, Calimesa, Canyon Lake, Corona, Eastvale, Hemet, Jurupa Valley, Lake Elsinore, Menifee, Moreno Valley, Murrieta, Norco, Perris, Riverside, San Jacinto, Temecula, Wildomar and the unincorporated districts of western Riverside County (Districts I, 11, 111, and V).

Scope of Work:


Although it is preferred to have advertising reach most markets, radio buys will generally be targeted to reach the following demographics.

  • Adults age 18-44 who reside in Riverside County 50% male and 50% female
  • College students
  • Commuters


Firms will evaluate proposals from area broadcast and streaming radio stations and base proposals on:

  • Audience strength in western Riverside County
  • Reaching college students and commuters
  • Cost efficiencies
  • How the selected stations would work together without leaving gaps in our demographic coverage
  • Promotional offers and partnerships including live remotes

The advertising is meant to target the western Riverside County resident through radio broadcast or internet streaming media with strong Riverside County presence. However, Orange and San Bernardino counties presence is not to be ignored. RTA may supplement an integrated campaign buy with print advertising which will be negotiated and placed directly by RTA. The selected firm may be asked for guidance and/or professional advice in determining and/or placing print advertising.


RTA is interested in a winter campaign starting in early March. Additionally, depending on cost and need, this time of the year provides one of the best opportunities to reach students as they make decisions about their transportation options for commuting to school. This time is also after the holiday breaks and has the propensity to reach commuters as they commute on a more regular schedule and are open to other transportation options.


RTA requires the services of a marketing firm experienced in delivering all aspects of media planning, production and buying. Proposals shall provide a precise, detailed, clear description of the firm’s ability to meet the requirements of the scope of services. Contractors must have the capability to collaborate with  the RTA marketing department, generate ideas and plans, and create radio plans and buys that effectively reach our target markets. The selected firm will negotiate advertising rates for RTA. Based on project budgets, the selected firm will work with the RTA Director of Marketing in determining the amount and combination of radio that may be appropriate. The selected firm will negotiate competitive rates, negotiate added value and favorable positioning or airtimes, and monitor the buy to ensure 100% compliance and complete accurate reconciliation. Bidders should possess expertise in working within budget with efficiency and accountability to implement media buying and planning that will have the greatest impact on RTA target markets.

Selected firm will provide the following services:

  1. Assist with creative development of the ads, including copywriting, voice work, sound effects, music, etc.
  2. Produce the radio advertisement
  3. Assistance in planning advertising campaign
  4. Evaluate available research and demographic information to help define the target market and how best to reach them
  5. Negotiate advertising rates
  6. Establish an advertising schedule
  7. Build promotions around the advertising
  8. Negotiate optimum frequency rates, ad positioning, promotional opportunities, and placement of advertisements
  9. Generate all media placement paperwork and schedule flowcharts
  10. Monitor ads placed for run verification
  11. Verify and reconcile media invoices/billing
  12. Other professional services as needed


For this project RTA will assign a Project Manager for the contractor and will direct the contractor. The contractor will be responsible for implementing the tasks described in the Scope of Work under the direction of the RTA Project Manager. The contractor shall designate a project manager within the firm to coordinate all radio planning, production and buying services service. The project manager will be permanently assigned in this capacity for the duration of the contract period. The project manager shall have the authority to make commitments and decisions that are binding to the contractors.

Due Date:

January 16th


Riverside Transit Agency

1825 Third Street

P.O. Box 59968

Riverside, CA 92517-1968

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