Easter Marketing Ideas for Snack Brands

As Easter arrives, snack brands must consider Easter marketing ideas to make the most of it. With competition everywhere, they need inventive and extraordinary ideas to separate them from the competition. Creative Easter ads can help ensure their success. 

Easter-themed packaging

Let shoppers know Easter is on the way by adding festive Easter egg designs, pastels and florals to snack packaging. Offer limited edition flavors such as carrot cake-flavored Easter snacks or chocolate-covered marshmallows for a special touch. Give traditional Easter food ideas a modern spin for those looking for something different this season.

Special promotions

Companies can also take advantage of the Easter season by offering special promotions that appeal to customers. This could include BOGO deals, Easter-specific snack bundles, or discount codes for purchases made during the promotion period. 

Easter recipes

Snack brands can leverage Easter season for unique promotional opportunities. Creating a recipe for an Easter snack mix, or Easter food ideas like an Easter-themed charcuterie board, are two ways to use social media platforms to showcase products in an engaging manner.

Social media campaigns

Engaging customers during the Easter season via social media is a great branding opportunity. Companies can ask followers to share photos of favorite Easter snack ideas with a branded hashtag. Organizations can also run an Easter-themed giveaway for a snack-related prize.

Influencer partnerships

Snack brands can leverage influencers this Easter to reach new audiences and raise brand awareness. Food bloggers and social media personalities could create content – such as recipe videos, or posts highlighting the Easter-themed packaging – featuring the snack products.

Easter-themed pop-up

A pop-up shop allows a brand to engage with their audience and encourage interaction. Brands, such as snack companies, can set up shop in a popular location and share details of the popup on social media platforms and the brand’s website, posting photos to pique curiosity. 

Easter Egg Hunts

Organizing an Easter egg hunt can be a great marketing opportunity for businesses. Companies could hide Easter eggs filled with their snack products in their local area, encouraging customers to find them. This could create a buzz around the brand and provide an interactive way of promoting the product.

Hosting an Easter-themed social media contest

Finally, businesses should leverage Easter to increase engagement by hosting an Easter-themed social media contest. Suggested contests could include an Easter egg hunt or a photo contest for Easter snacks. Prizes may include a gift basket full of treats or a free year’s supply of snacks. Promotion is key; use Easter ads, hashtags and other means to raise visibility on social media.

These Easter marketing ideas can help snack brands stand out this season and reach new customers. With a little creativity, snack companies can make the most of the holiday season.

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