The Content Trio of B2B Marketing Success 

In the world of B2B marketing, companies must take a strategic approach to capture decision-makers’ attention. Unlike B2C marketing, B2B audiences require a deeper understanding and clear value proposition. Content marketing is a valuable tool for nurturing leads and establishing industry authority. A diverse content strategy is essential, offering pieces that cater to different needs and stages in the buyer’s journey.

The explainer

The explainer piece of content is important for potential customers who are encountering a company for the first time. They land on the company website and are intrigued by a product or service. However, a cloud of technical jargon makes the description confusing for them. This is where the explainer piece steps in, acting as a friendly ambassador that cuts through the complexity and clarifies the offering’s essence. 

Format flexibility

Explainer content shines in its adaptability. It can take the form of a concise, animated explainer video that visually demonstrates the product’s functionality. Alternatively, a well-structured blog post with clear language and captivating visuals might be more suitable. For truly complex solutions, an infographic that breaks information down into digestible chunks can be highly effective. 

The power of explanation

The significance of the explainer piece lies in its ability to quickly educate potential customers and spark their initial interest. It acts as a gateway, drawing them into the brand’s world and prompting further exploration.

The thought leader

The next piece of content is for potential customers of the company who have already grasped the core concept. They’re intrigued, but they also want to understand the bigger picture. This is where thought leadership content takes center stage. 

Building trust and credibility

The real strength of thought leadership content is in its ability to establish the brand as a trusted source of valuable insights. By exploring industry trends, providing expert analysis, and suggesting data-driven solutions, trust and credibility are built. This allows potential customers to view the brand as a reliable thought leader who’s able to help them navigate the ever-changing business landscape, instead of just seeing the business as just a provider of products or services.

The “How It Works”

In the later stages of the buyer’s journey, a potential customer is now fully engaged with the brand. They understand the value proposition and have gathered valuable insights from the company’s thought leadership pieces. However, they’re still not quite sure about the “how” that the offering provides. This is where “how it works” content comes into play. 

Drilling down to the details

This content type goes deeper into the specifics of the product or service. It could be a step-by-step guide that walks users through the onboarding process. It can also be a product demo video showcasing the features and functionalities in action which would be more impactful for some customers.

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