Quality Lead Generation

Many companies are looking for high-quality leads or new ways to generate prospects for their businesses. Those companies can benefit from using specific techniques that will help them in quality lead generation campaigns and efforts. 

Content Centering Around Goals

Companies that share content on social media should consistently share pieces that align with the interests of the target audience. But if the content isn’t designed while also considering which stage of the buying journey the target audience is at, it’s not going to produce the results the business is looking for. To generate leads, companies should be distributing content that helps inform potential consumers on how the business can solve their problems. That means sharing case studies to show how a company’s products or services have helped others to achieve their goals, or demonstrating a product to help consumers get a better idea of how it actually works. Another type of content that companies can share in their lead generation strategy is content that makes the audience finally convert. This type of content includes any discounts, limited-time offers, free trials, and anything else that encourages consumers to visit a company’s online catalog of products or services.

Lead Magnets

Companies can also create gated content that’s very valuable to the target audience. This kind of content is an ideal way for companies to generate potential leads. Potential consumers have to share their personal information with companies in order  to gain  access to their gated content. That type of personal information includes anything from consumers name and contact details to their needs or even their job title.  Companies can use this information to re-market to leads, to guide them towards conversion in their buying journey, or to nurture those leads in the future. Potential customers can also get access to content that provides a lot of value to them in exchange for their personal information. This content is also known as a lead magnet. Lead magnets can be anything from discount codes to webinars, white papers, or guides.

Conversion and Lead Ads

Companies that want to improve their lead generation results and reach more people should have an advertising budget dedicated to creating ads for both social media and search engines. For instance, it’s relatively easy to use the Google Ads sales or leads campaign objectives for companies that are looking to reach certain goals on YouTube, such as views or engagement. The platform has conversion tracking tools that help businesses monitor any sales or leads on their business websites. This feature helps businesses optimize their ads for whatever goal they are looking to achieve. Aside from Google, there’s also Facebook and its Facebook Ads Manager, which can be used to run campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram. Both of these platforms also support lead generation ads, which allows businesses to collect contact information from potential customers, retarget audiences, and improve the overall buying journey for them.

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