Utilizing Video Content Across the Buying Journey

When a company is creating its business website, it takes a lot more than coding up a homepage and calling it a day. Most of the time, it also involves creating additional pages that give the customers more details about the company itself and its products or services, the overall industry, and much more. The same strategy should be utilized with video content.

However, plenty of times, companies tend to utilize a single video that’s presented on the company’s homepage and be done with it. Yet, that’s just the tip of the video content iceberg, especially when it comes to eliciting a response from potential customers. 

Companies can utilize video content across every point of the customer’s buying journey to establish and humanize the business, teach customers, and more. Additionally, just like most other marketing efforts, companies should have long-term video content strategies to make sure they’re making the most of this type of effort.

Nevertheless, there aren’t too many companies out there that are fully utilizing the power of video content marketing strategies, especially when it comes to connecting with potential customers and guiding their buying journey. Fortunately, there are certain steps that any company can take to improve by mapping out the customer journey, and lead the buyers through that journey with the help of engaging video content.

Brand Awareness

The first step in the buying journey is filled with people who know they need to solve a problem, but they’re not ready to make a purchase yet. At that stage of the buying journey, companies shouldn’t be trying to sell their products or services, or even explaining how their solutions work. For the beginning of the buying journey, it’s important to entertain and educate the customers, and video content can be incredibly helpful in this regard.

Video content can be shared across the company’s website and social media platroms in order to educate viewers on various business-related topics. Content should be easily shareable with the buyers’ communities, and helpful in simple ways. It can also be branded while still barely mentioning the brand itself. As long as the customers understand they need to find a solution for their problem, and the video content plays into that need, they’ll likely remember the brand’s name.

Considering Options

The next step in the buying journey is when customers start considering what options they have to solve their problems. At that point, they’re already aware that they have an unmet need, and are looking for potential solutions. Ideally, the entertaining, yet useful content that the company created will be at the front of these consumers’ minds.

To help move them along, the company can also create explainer videos that explain the story behind the company or its solutions. These types of videos don’t need to be too long but should inform the customers on the way that the company’s products or services can solve the buyers’ problems.

Making a Decision

The last step in the customer buying journey is when the potential buyers are finally ready to make a decision and then purchase. Once it’s time to really solve their problem, a business can present them with third-party validation videos covering topics  such as case studies or stories from other satisfied customers.

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