BERGEN COUNTY – NEW JERSEY Marketing Consultant – Economic Development

DUE DATE: July 22, 2023 3:00PM EDT

Instructions and Scope of Work

a. Instructions. Respondents are to review the general scope of work and complete with their response a listing of their qualifications and knowledge about the subject. Respondents are encouraged to respond in as much detail as possible but shall be scored based on the content and not the quantity thereof.

B. Bergen for Business Program Design and Launch

Project Overview

Bergen County has been providing support programs to small businesses especially because of the ongoing pandemic and the subsequent stressed local economies. Small business owners are still in need of support and resources to recover and sustain their businesses.

As part of continuing to support and provide recovery resources, Bergen County Economic Development has a website The website is the cornerstone of a program to make a destination and source of comprehensive information that will continually make aware the no-cost support and resources available to small business owners from Bergen County Economic Development and associated agencies. The Bergen for Business website will have a market research application named Size Up, procured by Bergen County as a key data tool and additional links to other resources to support small businesses including a program that provides free consulting services. A digital marketing plan with key messaging will be implemented for a period of no less than six months. The cost effective yet comprehensive marketing plan will include a digital media campaign to help small business owners become aware of the various services available to them.

Vendor Experience/Requirements

Vendors should have prior experience in providing consulting services to include:

  • Discovery, Assessment
  • Analysis
  • Planning and Program Management for Economic Development Groups and or County Governments.
  • Providing case studies, methodology and/or creative framework is suggested. Vendors shall have a knowledge of the local Bergen County small business community.

Description of Services

Vendor will provide a digital media program to include the following services:

I. Overview of Bergen County

Bergen County, New Jersey is a vibrant and diverse county known for its rich history, thriving communities, and exceptional quality of life. With a population of 955,000+ residents, Bergen offers a unique blend of suburban tranquility and urban sophistication. The county boasts a AAA bond rating, $170 billion in ratables, 73 sought-after school districts, and a highly skilled workforce, making it an attractive destination for businesses and a great place for its employees to live, work, and raise a family.

Bergen County is also known for its bustling malls, vibrant downtowns, and wide range of amenities, ensuring residents have access to  top-notch education, healthcare, and recreational opportunities.

II. Overview of Bergen County Economic Development

The Bergen County Economic Development Division plays a crucial role in supporting businesses of all sizes, including small, medium, and large enterprises, commercial developers, retailers and manufacturers. Recognizing the challenges posed by the Covid-19 crisis to our vast business community, we have established the Bergen County Business Resource Network. This network comprises various business agencies and advocates dedicated to providing tailored guidance, comprehensive programs, and a wide range of services to propel business forward.

With the primary goal of assisting 49,000+ businesses entities, the Bergen County Business Resource Network offers personalized support and valuable resources designed to meet the specific needs of each business in these trying times.

III. Overview of Project

The project aims to strengthen and enhance the marketing practices of the Bergen County Division of Economic Development, with a specific focus on promoting the services offered by the Division itself and the Business Resource Network. By leveraging effective marketing strategies, the project seeks to create broader awareness and generate increased engagement among businesses and help them succeed. The story of why a business should move/stay/expand here needs to be told authentically and credibly rather than through generic economic development industry buzzwords and told across different channels.


A. Increase Awareness: The project seeks to raise awareness about the Bergen County Division of Economic Development and the Business Resource Network among the target audience, which includes small, medium, and large businesses, commercial developers, retailers, and manufacturers.

B. Identify Issues: The project seeks to identify any issues or misperceptions around businesses coming/staying/expanding in Bergen County and identifying marketing messages and solutions to overcome them.

C. Highlight Services: The project aims to highlight the range of valuable services and programs offered by the Division and the Business Resource Network. This includes personalized guidance, comprehensive resources, and various support initiatives designed to aid businesses in their growth and success.

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