PR Agency News From Nike Communications, 5WPR, Orchestra, and Golin Health

Nike Communications has teamed up with Wheels Up Experience, a private aviation provider, to amplify its brand message and expand its reach among business travelers and affluent consumers. Kristen Lauria, Wheels Up’s Chief Marketing Officer, highlighted the importance of impactful storytelling and increased market presence. Lauria praised Nike Communications for their expertise in building global luxury and travel brands, aligning with Wheels Up’s objectives. This collaboration aims to enhance Wheels Up’s brand visibility and resonate with discerning consumers in the private aviation industry.

5WPR has been appointed as the PR agency of record for Kitchen Mama, renowned for its innovative line of kitchen tools and accessories designed to streamline cooking processes. With a mission to break down barriers in the kitchen, Kitchen Mama aims to make cooking easy, accessible, and enjoyable for all demographics. 5WPR will spearhead targeted media campaigns spotlighting Kitchen Mama’s commitment to innovation, emphasizing its range of multi-purpose, automatic, and hands-free kitchen gadgets.

BerlinRosen Holdings has undergone a transformation, rebranding itself as Orchestra, uniting its eight agencies under a single network umbrella. Led by co-founders Jonathan Rosen and Valerie Berlin, Orchestra is backed by O2 Investment Partners and boasts a diverse portfolio of agencies, including BerlinRosen, along with recent acquisitions such as Derris, Glen Echo Group, and Inkhouse. With over 600 employees across 12 cities in North America and Europe, Orchestra’s agencies will maintain their independence while leveraging shared resources—collaborating on business development, and staffing.

Erin Patton has been appointed as Executive VP and Associate Managing Director of Golin Health, the specialized healthcare communications practice of Golin. Based in San Francisco, she will primarily focus on driving growth, enhancing client service, fostering innovation, and developing talent across the entire U.S. operation. Patton, who recently joined Golin as the first-ever healthcare AMD, brings over 20 years of experience in pharmaceuticals and biotech, spanning agency and in-house roles. Previously with Seagen Inc., she played a pivotal role in communicating about oncology drug discovery and development, precision medicines, and policy impacts on innovation in these areas.

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