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Racism & Lab Grown Diamonds

Usually, making headlines at Fashion Week is a good thing. Not always. Right at the height of Paris Fashion Week, Miroslava Duma (fashion blogger and entrepreneur) and Ulyana Sergeenko (couture fashion designer) blundered their way to the forefront of the fashion industry when they posted and engaged in tone deaf and racist discourse. Amazingly, despite […]

Spirit Airlines accused of forcing woman to flush hamster

ronn torossian Spirit Airlines accused of forcing woman to flush hamster

In one of the most bizarre headlines in recent years, a Florida woman is claiming officials from Spirit Airlines compelled her to flush her pet hamster down an airport toilet because the tiny rodent was not allowed on the flight with her. From there, the story gets even stranger. Because the woman, Belen Aldecosea, is […]

Maverick Apparel Demands Logan Paul Stop Using Maverick Name

Maverick Apparel, a New York City based leading manufacturer and clothing company that prides itself in “building wholesome apparel brands for juniors and children” demanded today Logan Paul stop using their brand name. As the letter notes, “Maverick by Logan Paul and Maverick Apparel (“Maverick”) trademarks are confusingly similar but moreover because you have embedded […]

Mika Brzezinski Forced to Apologize After Gaffe

Mika Brzezinski forced to apologize after gaffe

Sometimes, no matter what you say, you’re wrong… What you decide to say in those situations, that’s your business…unless you say it on national TV. Then, well, it tends to become everyone’s business. Just ask MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski. After journalist Mark Halperin was accused of sexual harassment, Brzezinski chose to discuss the issue live […]

Yunes Doleh Arrest: Wig-Wearing Father In-Law Arrested

yunes doleh

A lawsuit took an amusing turn when a motion to dismiss was filed in New York City which alleges in court documents that a toupee-wearing father in-law, Yunes Doleh was arrested in New York after false allegations against his son in-law, a respected entrepreneur, Mazen Dayem. The lawsuit further states Mr. Doleh may be facing […]

Franken latest to be accused of misconduct

Another week and another prominent person apologizing for sexual misconduct. This time, it’s former comedian, writer, and current Minnesota Senator, Al Franken, on the hot seat. Franken will very likely be exposed to a Senate ethics investigation since he has been accused of “forcibly kissing” a Los Angeles radio host during a shared USO tour […]

Equifax still trying to dig out of deep hole

Equifax still trying to dig out of deep hole

If you’re making a list of companies that had a rough PR road in 2017, Equifax would certainly be on that list. The credit monitoring and reporting company, which prides itself on gathering as much personal financial data as it can on customers, suffered a massive data breach, causing consumer confidence in the company to […]

SLU Campus Rocked by Sexual Assault Allegations

Saint Louis University

Recently, Saint Louis University was rocked by the news that three young women went to local hospitals to report they had been sexually assaulted by some of the university’s student-athletes. According to the women, the assaults occurred at an on-campus apartment. University administration immediately responded to the reports. University President Fred Pestello told local media, […]

Miss Turkey Loses Tiara Over Tweet

Miss Turkey loses tiara over tweet

Yet another beauty queen has lost her crown over PR issues. According to the Associated Press, Miss Turkey 2017 was “stripped of her crown over a social media posting deemed to be insulting the memory of people killed in a failed military coup.” What we do know is this: Miss Turkey, 18-year-old Itir Esen, lost […]

Google Faces Class Action Suit

Google faces class action suit

Accusations of sexism at Google have ratcheted higher in recent days with the filing of a gender pay discrimination lawsuit. The suit was filed on behalf of three former Google employees. However, the attorney involved would like to achieve class-action status. And, based on preliminary findings, they may succeed with their ultimate goal. A federal […]