Heightened Consciousness

2020-07-27 by JamesD

The death of George Floyd didn’t only trigger calls for equality and an end to unwarranted police conduct, it also created an elevated atmosphere of activism and corporate change that hasn’t been seen in decades. Besides the protests, some brands have withdrawn ads on Facebook in protest to the platform’s apparent unwillingness to manage and control hate speech and disinformation.  Companies like The North Face, Patagonia, Upwork, and REI have already dropped advertising through July and there are reports of more companies joining in to also abandon other social media sites. Groups like the Anti-Defamation League and NAACP urged Facebook... Read More >

Goya CEO Doubles Down on Political Comments

2020-07-21 by JamesD
goya trump

Instead of backing down to threats of a product boycott, the CEO of Goya is doubling down on his outspoken support for President Donald Trump, which put him at odds with activists and some of his customers. Speaking to the media, Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue made it clear he has no plans to apologize for his full-throated praise of President Donald Trump. The comments in question included the following: “We are truly blessed to have a leader like President Trump, who is a builder… That is what my grandfather did. He came to this country to build, to grow,... Read More >

The Value of Sponsorships

2020-07-14 by JamesD

The Value of Sponsorships When 18th century poet and philosopher Henry David Thoreau said, “Not only must we be good, but we must also be good for something,” he couldn’t have been thinking about brands and sponsorships. But the analogy fits so perfectly for both today.  In the wake of the pandemic, an earlier article cited surveys that revealed a deep concern among consumers, particularly Gen Z, for employees working for brands they purchase as well as for community involvement by those brands. Many said those values would shape their future loyalty and purchases.  Contradiction? Consumer concern over what brands were... Read More >

David Carruthers’ My Bookie Website Summary

2020-07-07 by JamesD

If you would like to place online wagers for sport and with the prospect of earning some extra cash, My Bookie is a website you can't afford to overlook. CEO and Owner David Carruthers designed this site with casual players in mind. My Bookie is built-in with a range of options from which they can choose. If you gamble for fun, David Carruthers' website has plenty of options that will grab your attention and hold it until the end. You have easy access to all the resources you need to bet on your favorite sports team. You will know you... Read More >

NBA Legend Robinson Speaks Out about Race in America

2020-07-03 by JamesD
david robinson

As protests continue across the nation, many prominent brands are making public statements about race relations, and many individual influencers are also speaking out. This has come to include many former household names who have not been in the spotlight for many years. One of the most recent is NBA Hall of Famer David Robinson. The two-time NBA champion, dubbed the Admiral, because he’s a graduate of the US Naval Academy and because of his on-court leadership, is talking about race relations in the United States, and people are listening. Robinson says, despite his success – after basketball, he founded... Read More >

Bezos Reportedly Willing to Testify

2020-06-30 by JamesD
Jeff Bezos

The call to “break up Amazon” is being sounded at various levels and in various places, even as many more Americans embrace the benefits offered by the online retailer due to social distancing regulations. The company has faced some public PR issues over the past year, with complaints from both consumers and employees, however, there are others who would try to do much more than bruise the company’s public image. Some lawmakers and market watchdogs are said to be considering the idea that Amazon may, indeed, be too big and too powerful. US House members are looking into accusations of... Read More >

Becoming A Thought Leader on LinkedIn

2020-05-12 by Jim Crickell

Thought leadership is no longer just a buzzword. At a time when trust plays a significant role in influencing purchase decisions and shaping perceptions, thought leadership has grown to become an effective PR strategy. As per an Edelman-LinkedIn research study, 55% decision-makers said they use thought leadership to vet organizations they’re considering to work with, proving the importance of such content. Thought leaders are individuals who are considered to be experts in their industry or niche. The idea behind creating thought leadership content is to deliver business value, engage with your audience and establish credibility. It goes beyond hard selling techniques and focuses... Read More >

AMC Theaters Goes After Universal in Public Spat

2020-05-06 by Ronn Torossian

Movie theaters are closed because of the COVID-19 global pandemic, and that has thrown the entire movie industry into a tailspin, as the big brands try to find an alternative that puts their content in front of fans while protecting their business investment. That process has put a lot of old assumed truisms to the test. One of these assumptions is that streaming media can’t be as profitable as theater releases. In many cases, that presumption has proven to stand on somewhat solid ground, but one movie release challenged that perspective. Universal’s “Troll’s World Tour” has earned nearly $100 million... Read More >

Americas Cardroom To Host All-In for Mount Sinai Virtual Poker Tournament

2020-04-23 by Jade Minh

Americas Cardroom To Host All-In for Mount Sinai Virtual Poker Tournament                                         San Jose, Costa Rica – April 22, 2020 – Americas Cardroom, the popular US-facing online poker site is hosting a celebrity poker tournament this weekend with all proceeds being donated to the Mount Sinai COVID-19 Response Fund. The All-In for Mount Sinai Virtual Poker Tournament takes place this Saturday, April 25thfrom 2pm-5pm ET. The event is not open to the general public but an array of sport celebrities, tv personalities and business executives have already agreed to participate. “We want to thank Discovery Inc. for organizing this celebrity poker... Read More >

Global Non-Profit Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation Launches Exclusive Line Of Hemp Products For Pets

2020-04-06 by Jim Crickell

Global Non-Profit Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation Launches Exclusive Line Of Hemp Products For Pets Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation, the global non-profit is launching a line of true full-spectrum hemp products exclusively for pets. The new range, Black Jaguar-White Tiger Hemp consists of a chewable tablet and tincture available in a morning and night dosage. This is the first human and animal product the foundation has launched. “It is my great honor, to introduce what I consider to be the finest line of Hemp Products in the world; both for Animals and Humans. My Foundation has been Blessed to have been Loved... Read More >

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