What is Lunar New Year & How Your Brand Can Celebrate 

In many parts of the world this year, January 22nd was celebrated as the start of the Lunar New Year. This is a widely celebrated occasion in East Asia and it marks the start of a new spring and lunar cycle. The Lunar New Year holiday tends to happen on the second new moon after the winter solstice in December. That’s the main reason why the date ends up changing every year. This is different in comparison to all the fixed holidays that happen in the Gregorian calendar. 

Lunar New Year 2023

This Lunar New Year is the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit according to the Chinese Zodiac. This zodiac has different animals assigned over a cycle that lasts 12 years, and this year, it celebrates the rabbit, the fourth animal. In Chinese culture, the animal is associated with the moon and represents peace and introspection. In Western astrology, the entire zodiac is based on 12 constellations. But in the Chinese zodiac, these animals were found in the “Heavenly Gate Race”, which comes from ancient Chinese folklore. The Lunar New Year these days gets celebrated in places all over the world, and they all have different traditions. When it comes to China, families tend to get together to celebrate for 16 days with fireworks, gifts, and feasts.


There are a few different ways that brands can incorporate  the Lunar New Year 2023 into their promotional content and strategies to reach different segments of their target audiences. To do that, the first thing that companies will have to do is keep the zodiac animal in mind. Companies can use the zodiac animal in their social media and email marketing campaigns to keep audiences engaged. Another way would be for companies to incorporate some of the colors that are traditionally associated with the animal in the zodiac. When it comes to the Year of the Rabbit 2023, those colors are pink, red, and purple. Companies can also use these colors in their promotional content and campaigns across social media platforms to promote themselves. They can include the colors in promotions and sales too, or in product launches when introducing new solutions. 


For the Lunar New Year and the Year of the Rabbit, a lot of companies decided to create specific products and services to celebrate the holiday. For example, Prada created the Memories of Beauty campaign celebrating the Lunar New Year. Prada used clean and simple imagery and worked with popular celebrities and influencers from China. Gucci is another brand that celebrated the holiday with a campaign. For its campaign, Gucci created a capsule collection that incorporated the zodiac animal, the rabbit.

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