Charles Kim the Innovative Vice President of Investment Banking at Barclays

Charles Kim is the current vice president for Investment Banking at Barclays Corporate & Investment Bank. He is based in Washington, District of Columbia, the United States. Charles Kim has an impressive professional record and is undoubtedly a guru at what he does, thanks to his extensive educational background.

Academic Profile

Charles Kim is an alumnus of The LSE, where he studied Business and Management in 2012. The following year, he attended the McIntire Business Institute at the University of Virginia, earning himself a Business certification. These two accolades he acquired as he simultaneously undertook his degree, between 2010 and 2014, in Bachelor of Arts (B.A), Public Policy and Leadership. The course included a minor in Global Culture and Commerce.

Activities and Programs at the University of Virginia

Charles Kim was an active student and delightfully held some substantial roles at UVA. He served as the Global Markets Group president at the McIntire School of Commerce.

A proud Asian student – specifically Korean – he did not shy away from representing Korean students at the institution. His peers entrusted Charles Kim as Treasurer of the Korean Students Association at UVA. He also served as the student ambassador for the Korean-American Scholarship Foundation.


Charles Kim is a multi-lingual- natively bilingual. He speaks English and Korean fluently and is fairly proficient in Spanish.

Over the years, he has improved his knowledge and value industry by acquiring complementary and valuable skills in the following areas:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Research
  • Data Analysis
  • SPSS
  • InDesign
  • Management
  • Financial Crimes Investigations
  • Leadership
  • Consultation
  • International Market Entry
  • Analysis
  • Public Speaking
  • Due Diligence
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Legal Compliance
  • Teamwork

He has more than 20 skills with numerous endorsements in most. He continues to improve his skillset by participating in industry-related programs.

Work Experience

Charles Kim has enjoyed an excellent working experience at the Barclays Investment Bank. The financial institution kick-started his career in Investment banking, and he has gradually taken up more prominent roles in over eight years to hold his current position as the Vice President for Investment Banking at the same institution.

About Barclays Bank

Barclays Bank is a prominent financial institution that helps its clients find solutions to vital issues facing them, their businesses, economies, and various markets. The company is reputable around the globe for its broad spectrum of financial solutions aimed at driving innovation through its various entities, Investment Banking, Global Markets, Corporate Banking, and Research.

Barclays Bank boasts an extensive and prominent client base globally, including governments, financial institutions, corporations, and other financial institutions. All possible thanks to the institution’s able employees who continue toward delivery of innovative products and influence the richly informed decisions of their clients. Find out more about Barclays Bank.

Charles Kim has held the following roles at Barclays Bank:

1. Compliance Analyst

For two years, Charles Kim worked as a compliance analyst for Barclays Bank in New City, New York. His role was vital in ensuring that the institution’s operations and procedures aligned with the industry’s compliance standards. Key roles under this job also include research on regulations and policies, application for compliance certificates, and communicating requirements to the organization.

2. Assistant Vice President, Compliance

Two years into his employment, he was promoted to assistant vice president for compliance in the same New York branch. A role he held for a year and ten months.

3. Investment Banking Analyst

Charles Kim moved to the District of Columbia, United States, in April 2018, where he took up the job of Analyst in the Investment Banking department. He served for 11 months before his next promotion.

4. Assistant Vice President, Investment Banking

Also, at the District of Columbia Branch, Charles James rose to a top management role in the Investment Banking sector. He held the office of Assistant Vice President of Investment Banking for two years, from March 2019 to February 2021.

5. Vice President, Investment Banking

In March 2021, Charles Kim took office as the Vice president for Investment Banking, also at the District of Columbia Branch. He continues to be an asset to the company and currently holds the position.

Charles Kim has worked at Barclays Bank for eight years and four months to date.

He is also a mentor in the financial industry and follows key industry influencers such as Jim Yong Kim, Vice Chairman and Partner at Global Infrastructure Partners.

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