Beem, the AR startup raises $4 million

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AR combines sounds, visuals, and interactivity in ways that make it a powerful engagement tool. Companies that offer AR-driven services and products enjoy an edge above their competitors. Businesses are using AR to increase sales. AR is not restricted to gaming anymore, and social media platforms use it to elevate user experience and increase user engagement. The immersive reality of AR helps to create unique experiences.

Beem’s use case is not common

Beem is an AR startup and has launched a consumer app. Beem is available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store. It has recently launched a consumer app which includes AR streaming. The company intends to take the AR experience a step further and allow users to beam themselves to their loved ones through their devices. Telepresence is not an unfamiliar term anymore. It refers to the sensation of being somewhere else besides one’s physical location and is created with the help of virtual reality technology. Beem wants to use AR for telepresence and to give their customers communication services beyond their expectations. What is surprising is that the founder of Beem, Janosch Amstutz, had little or no access to technology growing up. His childhood’s lack of exposure to technology made him think about the importance of face-to-face communication.

Modern communication

Beem has already developed AR environments for popular brands like Vogue, Carolina Herrara, and Warner Music. The app currently offers features such as direct messaging and producing and sharing creative videos. It plans to help modern communication evolve and allow users to seamlessly scan and create a digital version of themselves that they can share with friends and family through their messaging apps. These digital selves can be viewed by receivers on their mobile browser. The sender and the recipient have the opportunity to see and interact with a digital version of themselves that gives them a feeling of existing in the same physical space. Users will also be able to host and participate in AR conferences that should take Zoom meetings a step further than the setup we are used to. These conferences will enable the streaming of holographic versions of up to 25 people, with the additional advantage of two-way radio. This could be an inevitable future.

Investments in the startup

Beem intends to develop holographic messaging too. The company has stated that it is working on the development of AR glasses, which would help establish two-way telepresence. The company has stated that it has raised $4 million in seed funding from investors such as Inertia Ventures, Grouport Ventures, Lior Messika, 5 Lion, and other investors. The fund the brand has raised will be used to grow its core team and develop its products so that AR glasses can soon hit the consumer market.

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