Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid

Search engine optimization isn’t always easy for companies to utilize, as the industry is always coming up with different strategies and rules while the search engines are regularly updating their algorithms. In fact, Google itself provides around 1000 updates each year for website ranking. However it’s not easy for companies to stay on top of all the different changes that happen with each passing day, it’s important to avoid some of the common mistakes that businesses can make.


Nothing can be done without a plan, which is true for both doing daily tasks at home, as well as ranking websites on search engine results pages. Whether a company wants to rank higher on the first page of Google search results or generate more sales and conversions, it’s important for companies to have a plan and a goal in mind before they start investing in any sort of search engine optimization efforts. The best way to plan search engine optimization efforts is to look at the competitors and some of the most relevant metrics from their website including the keywords they target, the content they share, their website ranking, as well as the overall website performance. Companies that learn from the strategies of their competitors can better focus on their own search engine optimization efforts by investing in the right strategies that are going to generate positive results, such as using similar keywords, and types of content, and even targeting the company’s search ads to an overlapping customer base.


Most companies understand how important content is to search engine optimization efforts, however, even more important than the content itself is continually providing search engines and the target audience with new pieces of content. Most companies tend to solely focus all of their search engine optimization efforts on optimizing all of their existing content, instead of creating new content alongside it. However, by creating new pieces of content, companies can start optimizing that content for search engines from the very beginning, by including keywords and backlinks just like any other document and save a lot more time and effort in the future.


The most important element for any search engine optimization efforts is the keywords and phrases that the consumers are using to find a company and its solutions. However, what most companies feel to realize is how important it is to add the same targeted keywords inside their content, headers, title tags, paragraph titles, as well as the alt text for every image. There are plenty of opportunities that companies have on their business websites to include the targeted keywords inside them, however, most companies make the common mistake of forgetting all of those places, or completely ignoring them.

Monitoring performance and optimization

Finally, after a company has fully optimized its website for search engines, it’s important to keep track of the performance of the website and continuously optimize it to stay competitive. There are different metrics that companies can use to figure out whether the company’s business website is meeting the needs of the target audience through its content, such as website traffic, link traffic, social media traffic, indexed pages, and more. The only way for companies to understand whether their current search engine optimization efforts are working is through continuous monitoring and keeping up with current trends and keyword use from the target audience.

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