Keyword selection tips for SEO

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Businesses cannot afford to operate in the dark when it comes to keyword selection. When a business wants to build an audience from search engine traffic, they cannot make guesses. Some search engine visitors can be attracted by creating content even without a SEO strategy. Each post may not take a business to the first position on Google, but more can be gotten out of SEO with some effort. Given below are some tips to consider while using keywords to play up content.


The keywords should match the products, services, and the target audience of a business. A keyword combination may appear unusual, like ‘computer games youth’ but it is important to see how high they rank. A proper sentence structure may need to have the order of the words switched. When relevant keywords are used, the web page of a business will appear more frequently in search results. This will lead to an increase in organic traffic and conversions.


Keywords should be continually refined based on new ideas and industry trends. One should also check out the keywords that are used by competition and the ones that are popular on social media. Making a list of words that one comes across is not sufficient, one should also think of variations. Keywords that convert well are important. Implementing conversion tracking is important for the website of a business. It helps to determine which keywords actually convert.

The choice should be useful for future content

Keywords should be useful not only for current content but content that has been planned for weeks and months ahead. While choosing important keywords, one should also decide on keyword possibilities, before writing an article or a blog post.

Assess the traffic

In website analytics, one should start with the words people use to reach the website of a business. Multiple keyword phrases that rank high on search engines should be noted. Tools like Google Keyword Planner can be used to see how many people search for the keywords that have been noted. The results can be filtered so that it only displays keywords above or below a certain level of competition. This would help to gain additional insights. Strategic keywords can be cross-lined across several pages or posts.

Use keywords on the landing page

Keywords should be used naturally and logically in the content. Rankings are influenced by factors such as page header, page title, and inbound links among others. Landing pages should be optimized to be linked with the selection of strategic keywords. The page title and headings of the landing page should be related to the keywords. It should be kept in mind that the writing should be for human readers and not bots as search engine algorithms can identify keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is using a large number of keywords in content to manipulate rankings.

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