What Is Product Marketing, and What Makes It Different Than Other Types of Marketing?

In a world that’s teeming with innovative products, and each one of them is vying for the attention of potential customers, the best way for a product to stand out in that situation while transcending its features and specifications to resonate with consumers and carve its own niche is through product marketing. 

It’s important to note that product marketing doesn’t just boil down to some flashy stage lights or a booming mic that comes with traditional marketing. Product marketing is a lot more intimate and able to translate a product’s technical jargon into a language that more consumers can understand. 


This is achieved through storytelling, as product marketing can create narratives that ignite the curiosity of consumers and make them see the magic of that product, instead of only focusing on the specifications of it. Unlike other members of the marketing family, product marketing isn’t content with a broad brushstroke. 

It’s a lot more detailed, understanding each strength and weakness of each product that’s being promoted, and that type of deep understanding is crucial. That’s what allows companies to create a message that’s going to truly resonate with their customers, and makes them think that the company, and that product, understand their needs and aspirations.


Not to mention the fact that product marketing isn’t just focused on promoting a product to potential customers. It’s a marketing tactic that works just as hard at uncovering the deepest desires and frustrations of the customers. That’s how product marketing is able to position any product as the go-to solution that a customer would be more than happy to purchase, as they’ll feel listened to, and that the product was tailor-made to solve a problem they had.

Product launches

Now, launching a product with the help of product marketing is no simple thing. It has to be choreographed meticulously so that the product can actually stand out from the rest of the similar solutions available on the market, and reach the intended audience it’s made for to a point where they learn about it, become interested in learning more, and finally, purchase it. 

Product marketing defines the target audience of the product and then develops targeted messages that grab attention. In many cases, it’s product marketing that provides sales teams with the perfect script, to make sure that the consumers get to hear the story about the product in the most captivating way possible. 

Post-sales journey

But the story doesn’t end when the company generates a sale. Product marketing is also devoted to leading the consumers through all of the intricacies of the product they just purchased, so they can unlock its full potential. Product marketing is what’s in charge of creating user guides that feel like friendly chats, and developing communities of people that enjoy that product where everyone gets to share what they love best, or even their own tips about the product.


Lastly, product marketing isn’t achieved by a one-person team. It’s a collaboration with product development, marketing, sales, and even customer support teams. This is how product marketing can ensure that everyone is on the same page about the product and that they’re all working to keep the vision of the product intact with the customers. 

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