Food PR: How A Once-Lowly Product Took The Food Industry By Storm

2015-11-18 by EPR Staff

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed bacon is everywhere. An increasingly trendy food item, permeating popular culture and rendering the humble breakfast meat a de facto cultural icon for millennials. Today, two out of three American restaurants include bacon as an item on their menu -- not only in traditional uses but in everything from baked goods to cocktails. Of course, things weren’t always this way. For decades, health enthusiasts maligned bacon as an unnecessary risk to the daily diet. Bacon experiences this current popularity through efforts engineered by those with a major financial stake in... Read More >

10 Largest PR Firms in the US & Their Website Traffic

2015-11-16 by EPR Staff
North America PR Firms

PR firms are all over the place, but to get a sneak peak at the 10 largest PR firms and a glimpse of their website traffic, take a look at the list below from PR Week. Edelman. The world’s largest PR agency has been around for over sixty years, and it continues pushing boundaries of what the PR industry can do. Edelman’s website traffic ranks 25,731 in the United States, and 61,360 globally. 38% of website visitors come from the U.S., 12.4% from the United Kingdom, 9.6% from India, 6.1% from Nigeria, and 3.1% from Singapore. Waggener Edstrom Communications. WE... Read More >

PR Resources: Global Survey of Brand Marketing and B2B Audiences

2015-10-21 by EPR Staff

The survey by The Economist Group polled 500 business executives from around the globe and 500 global marketers. The questions were based on what the executives want from content providers and what marketers are doing to develop their content strategies. All of this was developed in association with Peppercomm. 93% of the companies have plans to either increase or maintain their level of content creation during the next year. They are looking for substance rather than selling while marketers are continuing their selling efforts more than adding substance to the mix for businesses. Executives look for in research and industry... Read More >

All About Billionaires

2014-06-10 by EPR Staff
Billionares everything-pr

European aircraft maker Airbus Ltd. wanted to get more of an insight into the travel needs of billionaires in the Middle East, China and Russia - the target audience for Airbus's ACJ line of corporate jets. It commissioned London-based Ledbury Research to look into the lives, habits and characteristics of this group of mega-wealthy to find out everything they could. Ledbury Research found that although these people are unique individuals, they have quite a bit in common. The research was conducted through both surveys and interviews focusing on three regions: Russia, China and the Middle East. These three regions are seen as areas where the... Read More >

Facebook Is the Most Trusted Network

2013-12-13 by EPR Staff

If your business is still ignoring social media recommendations, treating them like noize, and hoping that they will eventually "go away," you are wasting valuable marketing and public relations potential. According to the Social Recommendation Index by Social Media Link, Facebook is the most trusted online platform for product and service recommendations, with 63% of 10,337 consumers surveyed preferring it over networks like Twitter (41%) and Google+ (41%). Interestingly, consumers still trust blogs (63%) and retail websites (63%). Good news for businesses engaging on Pinterest: the network scored with 56% from the consumers surveyed. YouTube is seen as a trustworthy... Read More >

Journalists Consider PRs the 2nd Most Popular Information Source for a Story

2013-12-10 by EPR Staff
journalist contact

  Social may be a great way to find contacts, but journalists still prefer the old fashioned email when it comes to pitches, according to a survey by Cision. The Social Journalism Survey, conducted by Cision and Canterbury Christ Church University, shows just how journalist see and use social media in relation with PR. Most journalists, a stunning 82% prefer to be contacted by email; some – 33% are OK with phone calls; while only 25% view social media as a viable way to be pitched. The good news for PRs is that journalists consider them the second most desirable... Read More >

M-Commerce Out Pacing Traditional E-Commerce [infographic]

2013-11-26 by EPR Staff
M Commerce

An infographic from Baynote today tells more on the growth of mobile commerce for retailers and consumers alike. Fast becoming one of the most valuable channels for marketers, mobile is growing at an almost exponential rate. As you can see in the graphic, already 10% of all the money spent in the E-Commerce realm comes from either smartphones or tablets. Accordingly, traditional digital commerce is being outpaced by mobile by a factor of 2x.

Facebook Leads in Social Media News Consumption

2013-11-15 by EPR Staff

A recent study by Pew Research Center in collaboration with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, revealed just how social media users consume news across several social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, reddit, Tumblr, Myspace, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest, among others. The results show that news consumption varies widely across these networks. [caption id="attachment_47115" align="aligncenter" width="750"] More than 30% Facebook users in the US turn to the social network to read news[/caption] According to the research, Facebook is the largest social networking site among U.S. adults, and the most popular when it comes to news consumption too.... Read More >

Spain: Communications Sector Wages – Falling Down

2013-11-14 by EPR Staff
EU euro crisis

Last month it´s been released in Madrid, Spain, the second edition of the report on salaries in the Spanish communications and public relations sector. An innitiative of Wellcomm, the study aims to provide professionals and companies a valid and updated instrument, designed to meet the reality of the communications market and also provide the basis for management compensation policies, wages costs and salary expectations regarding the various professional skills, profiles and specific jobs within the communication field. The report is the result of a survey conducted between July and September 2013 on more than 500 industry professionals from PR agencies... Read More >

Loyalty Programs Boost Customer Retention

2013-11-12 by EPR Staff

Loyalty programs and purchase incentives are more likely to improve customer retention for retailers, a study by Nielsen (NYSE:NLSN) revealed. 84% of more than 29,000 Internet respondents in 58 countries said they were more likely to visit retailers who offer such incentives. According to the survey, discounted or free products are the most valuable loyalty program benefit, with over 75% of global respondents agreeing. Customer service and free shipping incentives are important to less than 45% of the participants. When it comes to pricing, 41% of respondents said they were most likely to switch brands if they are offered a... Read More >

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