When Companies Should Outsource SEO

2021-12-08 by EPR Staff

While SEO is an important aspect of the growth of a business, it’s a complex and time-consuming effort that requires a lot of patience to generate the desired results. Many business owners tend to see SEO efforts in a similar light to investing, since in both cases their options are to either do it themselves or outsource their efforts. Many business owners see SEO as a difficult thing to do - and it is, at least for people that don’t have the right experience. It requires a lot of knowledge beforehand, and it requires  dedicated effort, which people might not... Read More >

SEO Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid

2021-12-07 by EPR Staff
ultimate seo guide

For many digital businesses and brands looking to achieve success through SEO, putting all of their efforts into SEO can be quite tempting. However, if those businesses aren’t careful, the efforts can quickly backfire. It’s really easy to implement SEO as a marketing and PR tool, but it’s quite difficult to completely master it. With a well-developed SEO strategy, companies can improve their search traffic.  But a bad strategy can result in ruining a website’s search engine ranking.  Most of the time, search engines look to provide users with the best and most accurate, useful, and high-quality results that match... Read More >

Target Audience Segmentation in Public Relations

2021-12-06 by EPR Staff

A key part of any promotional strategy is audience segmentation: when the businesses divide the overall target audience into actionable and well-defined segments, or smaller groups. Those groups thus share some common characteristics such as their demand, needs, or expectations from the business. When a company knows its overall target audience, it’s able to put together a promotional strategy that will meet the precise needs of each website visitor in every audience segment. There are different types of segmentation criteria that businesses can use when dividing the target audience.  Each one involves developing homogenous groups that are filled with individuals... Read More >

Google Analytics Alternatives

2021-12-03 by EPR Staff
Google Analytics Behavior Flow

There are plenty of ways that companies can analyze and measure their traffic to understand their website performance. While Google Analytics is the most common choice for many companies, it’s just one of the many other available tools that are helpful for understanding those numbers and getting to the bottom of what strategies are working. Matomo One of the tools that companies can use to analyze website data is Matomo, which is a free and downloadable program. This tool provides businesses with detailed information on the website visitors including the pages that they’ve visited, the languages they speak, keywords they... Read More >

Automating Marketing Tasks for Efficiency

2021-11-23 by EPR Staff
4 marketing tasks you should already be automating

Most marketers these days are very busy people, and although they might know which tasks they need to automate to free up some time, it still takes time to set up the automation process itself. Fortunately, that’s not always the case, and with the multitude of automation tools that are available to marketers these days, it’s easier than ever to streamline a workflow. Email Content Automation One of the most efficient segments of any marketing strategy that can benefit from automation is email marketing. One example of email automation is setting up automated emails that will deliver various content opt-ins... Read More >

Marketing for architecture firms

2021-11-17 by EPR Staff
how to market your architecture firm 5 best tips

With the process of advertising being revolutionized and reinvented, architecture firms are also using new strategies. With the help of online marketing, architecture firms can reach prospective clients. Digital channels provide cost effective solutions for client engagement and can be ideal for communicating what makes a firm stand out. For some time now, architects have relied on word-of-mouth.   The online world is becoming increasingly important for developing business. The ways by which architecture firms can stand out from competition and thrive are given below. 1) Content marketing - It is important to create a content marketing plan for websites and... Read More >

Managing an Email Subscriber List

2021-11-15 by Ronn Torossian

Most email marketing efforts are all about the numbers, which is why plenty of marketers avoid removing any email addresses from their subscriber lists. However, before a company even gets to the point of removing emails from an email list, it should have an established list of email subscribers in the first place. People can sign up for an email subscription in exchange for a lead magnet. That lead magnet can be a discount or something else that is beneficial for them, such as a resource. Once people start signing up for an email subscription, it's time to manage that... Read More >

Link Building and Digital PR Strategies

2021-11-08 by EPR Staff
link posting

Over the last few years, PR efforts and SEO have come together through link building, which is a great way for companies to get genuine backlinks from authoritative websites. When outlets have big audiences they tend to become picky about what they’re going to publish, which means companies must have a strong digital PR strategy if they want their press releases to stand out from the crowd and get published.  That also means companies should work toward getting backlinks organically and through editorial coverage instead of artificially building backlinks because Google values the former a lot more when ranking websites.  ... Read More >

Creating a Marketing Plan

2021-11-05 by EPR Staff
Marketing intelligence1200

Without a sound plan and  strategy, companies won’t be able to know what they’re trying to do with their marketing efforts. That’s why the first step in creating any sort of marketing campaign is to create a plan and a strategy that encompasses the following five basic steps. Goals and Budget The first step when developing a marketing plan is to define the company’s overall future business goals and to set goals to accomplish them  sometime  between the next one and three years. There are different goals a business can have in the long term, and they can be focused... Read More >

Marketing Medtech Companies

2021-11-04 by EPR Staff
GettyImages 1184804468 600x336 1

Like many others around the world, healthcare professionals have also been greatly affected by the changes in remote work that were brought on by the global pandemic. As more people are becoming used to working remotely and communicating in the digital sphere, plenty of MedTech companies have also realized how important it is to adapt to those changes and incorporate digital elements such as e-commerce, digital marketing, and virtual sales. With the help of digital marketing strategies, companies in the MedTech industry can benefit from powerful new ways to personalize their engagement with their target audience - healthcare professionals. It... Read More >

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