Avoid These Marketing Activities

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In this digital era, all it takes for a business to take off is a sound digital marketing strategy. To create it, marketers need to know all of the essentials about developing a digital marketing strategy, but they should know which strategies to avoid even more importantly. For example, marketers … [Read more...]

Basics of Creating Key Messages

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It’s not always easy to communicate with a target audience  to make sure that the company’s point comes across the right way. That’s why businesses develop core messages that they hone and reiterate to the target audience so that people remember those ideas. Whenever a company decides to … [Read more...]

Executing Digital Events at Any Time

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We’re living through a time when mass meetings are largely unavailable due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which has led to an increase in digital events. Although plenty of digital events were already happening long before the pandemic, their popularity greatly increased once everyone had to stay at … [Read more...]

Gen Z is Driving Change

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Marketers need to watch, look, and listen to Gen Z, folks born between 1997 and 2012 because they’ve overtaken millennials by almost 4 million to become the largest generation in the U.S. According to a United Nations World Population Prospects report currently numbering around 86 million, their … [Read more...]

Become an Expert Brander

Until recently, branding meant marking cattle with a red-hot iron so ranchers could identify their herds. But in today’s world, it means a lot more. From there, branding evolved into creating logos that signified a company or its products until now, where it’s even more! With nearly four billion … [Read more...]

Learning From Successful Brand Advocacy Campaigns

Brands and corporations looking to get influence over today’s markets have to create and execute brand advocacy campaigns, which can be either simple or complex, to have the general public viewing the brand in a positive light. And to create even more business growth, the customers should share all … [Read more...]

Scientifically Testing Digital Marketing Strategies

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ab testing 5 600x315 1 The pandemic has brought a lot of changes to people’s personal and professional lives, as well as businesses and industries. Businesses need to keep up with their customers’ buying habits, which seem to be evolving at an even faster pace than before. Thankfully, there is a … [Read more...]

The Global Mobile Marketing Dominance

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Ever since smartphones entered the phone market in the previous decade, they have turned into a basic necessity, which has led to mobile marketing being one of the biggest marketing trends right now. Smartphones have become an essential way people communicate with the rest of the world, and more and … [Read more...]

Successful Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

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Amazon managed to go from a garage business to a worldwide corporation that sells pretty much everything, becoming the biggest name in the eCommerce industry worldwide. Jeff Bezos managed to achieve this with Amazon through a combination of hard work, innovation, vision, and marketing … [Read more...]

Future of Data, Analytics, and Marketing


Analytics and data have become the core of digital PR, marketing, and advertising, which means having the right skills and proficiency in those skills on board leads to business growth and excellent marketing performance. Marketing leaders and their teams have to collect, track, analyze and apply … [Read more...]