Integrating In-House and Digital PR

The media landscape has undergone a seismic shift in recent years. The traditional press release once used to be a cornerstone of PR campaigns. These days, it has to share space with a dynamic online ecosystem. This digital revolution has introduced a powerful new weapon in the PR arsenal called digital PR.

Digital PR uses online channels to generate brand awareness, build relationships with journalists and influencers, and ultimately, secure valuable media coverage. However, many organizations still wonder how they can effectively integrate digital PR with existing in-house PR efforts to create a truly comprehensive communication strategy.

Objectives and KPIs

The foundation of any successful collaboration is found in a shared understanding of objectives. In-house PR teams often juggle a wider range of communication goals. Those goals encompass brand reputation management, crisis communication, and media relations. Digital PR, on the other hand, tends to focus heavily on online brand awareness, building backlinks, and driving website traffic. 

The first step towards integration of the two is establishing a clear picture of these objectives for both teams. Open communication channels and regular meetings are crucial here. By openly discussing goals, both sides can gain a deeper understanding of the bigger picture and identify areas where their efforts can complement each other. 

Once objectives are aligned, it’s vital to define key performance indicators (KPIs) that will measure the success of the integrated campaign. These metrics should encompass the goals of both teams. For in-house PR, this might include brand sentiment analysis, media mentions in both traditional and online publications and website traffic.

Digital PR teams, meanwhile, might track website traffic generated from media placements, the number of backlinks acquired, and brand mentions across social media platforms. 

By establishing a clear framework for measuring success, both teams can work collaboratively towards achieving their shared objectives. Regularly analyzing these KPIs allows for adjustments to be made and the overall strategy to be optimized for maximum impact. 

Communication and collaboration

Integration between digital PR and in-house PR is not just about aligning goals. It’s about fostering a spirit of collaboration. Both teams bring unique skillsets and expertise to the table. Digital PR specialists often possess a deep understanding of online outreach strategies. 

They’re also familiar with content creation for the digital sphere and the intricacies of influencer marketing. In-house PR teams, on the other hand, typically hold a wealth of knowledge about the organization’s brand voice, messaging, and existing media relationships. 

Collaboration also extends to content creation. Digital PR specialists can leverage the brand knowledge of their in-house counterparts to develop newsworthy content that resonates with target audiences.

This might involve industry reports, data-driven analysis, or expert commentary tailored to current events. In-house PR teams can then amplify this content through press releases, social media promotion, and influencer marketing efforts. 

Press releases

In-house PR teams can use compelling content created by the digital PR team as the foundation for press releases. This helps in adding a newsworthy angle and increasing the likelihood of journalist pick-up. 

Social media promotion

Engaging content can be shared and promoted across social media platforms by the in-house PR team, fostering organic reach and driving traffic back to the website. 

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