The Best Sports Public Relations Campaigns We Have Seen

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Here are some of the best sports PR campaigns we have seen:

Peyton Manning’s Priceless Commercials

Peyton Manning’s Priceless Commercials

“Priceless” is MasterCard’s slogan and their commercial series for roughly 15 years. They’ve had great success with it, and can apply the concept in unlimited situations. So when MasterCard put Peyton Manning as a new face for their “priceless” campaign it was. …well, priceless.

You can’t help but see the pricelessness of famous professional athletes, which are considered big, tough guys, all doing activities like bonding while having walks on the beach. The punchline in Payton’s ad centered on all those joining him trying to understand him better for purposes of dominating on the field. That was priceless also.

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Lil’ Penny

Penny Hardaway found great popularity with his shoe line from Nike, but it was more than his ability and skill increasing sales. Why was it a great PR campaign running for several sequels without us getting bored?

We’re talking about the Chris Rock voice-over character called Lil’ Penny. This trash-talking puppet no taller than an average man’s knee dealt with girlfriend issues, driving a car, and even setting off a rocket, there is practically nothing we haven’t seen this short guy do.

This is Sportscenter everything-pr

This is Sportscenter

ESPN’s Sportscenter brought us a few gut turning laughs, and this commercial campaign falls in line with the mantra. In Sportscenter’s attempt to parody Big Buddy programs, they collected a few major NBA players to instruct toddlers on the sport of basketball.

Of course, disaster ensued but not because of the children. Instead, this Big Buddy commercial portrayed the pro athletes as dominating the toddlers, blocking their shots, seriously trash-talking and dunking in these kids’ faces. What would we sportspeople do without the humor of Sportscenter?

Chunky Soup everything-pr

Campbell’s Chunky Soup

It began with Reggie White’s mother. Reggie White was an NFL defensive tackle for 15 seasons, and he had a big appetite as well. This campaign was all about hearty meals and and association with the tough and manly persona of pro football players.

Over time, Campbell’s added Demarcus Ware, Donovan Mcnabb, Jerome Bettis, LaDainian Tomlinson and Victor Cruz to the imagining and symbolism from mom’s hearty cooking for star athletes.

What did we miss? What are some of your favorite Sports PR Campaigns of recent?

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