Department of Developmental Services PRF70: Advertising, Marketing and Event Planning Services DDS SIS-A Initiative Public Relations Campaign 2024

Contact Information:

Timothy Cahill

1000 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02118


1. Description and Purpose of RFQ

The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) provides supports for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and autism to enhance opportunities to become fully engaged members of their community.

DDS is implementing a person-centered assessment tool called the Supports Intensity Scale -Adult or SIS-A © to provide a more equitable, transparent and standardized way of assessing the support needs of individuals eligible for DDS services. DDS is in the initial phase of implementation where it is offering the SIS-A assessment on a voluntary basis to a sample of its population that self-directs services. DDS will analyze the assessment results from this initial sample population and with a contractor use that information to develop a new budget allocation methodology for its self-directed population. The assessment will then move through various phases with the final goal being that it will be used on a wider scale with the entire population that DDS supports over the next several years.

The Department is seeking a vendor to develop and implement a targeted marketing and advertising campaign to support the agency in spreading awareness of the SIS-A to DDS staff and the individuals and families that DDS supports, its benefits and ultimately encouraging more individuals and families to volunteer to complete the SIS-A during voluntary phases of implementation. DDS will be looking for this vendor to develop a marketing and public awareness campaign that DDS can use on social media and with some printed and emailed documents and to develop various tools and messages that DDS can use on a continual basis going forward with social media and email printed documents to increase awareness and interest and participation in the SIS-A implementation.

2. Whether Single or Multiple Contractors

DDS will be looking for one qualified bidder.

3. Expected Duration

Anticipated duration from on or about July 1, 2024 – October 31, 2024.

4. Anticipated Expenditures, Funding or Compensation for Expected Duration

The total estimated expenditure for this RFQ should not exceed $135,000 for all services.

5. Performance and Business Specifications

The primary venue for this Marketing Campaign will be social media, web-based platforms and documents that can be printed and emailed. All formats must meet state accessibility requirements for the sight and hearing impaired; including closed captioning; alternate file formats accessible by screen readers; content transcripts; and other requirements as provided by DDS.

DDS will own and distribute all materials. All materials will also be made available to a variety of appropriate

audiences and programs across the Commonwealth to distribute via their communications channels.

All print materials will need to be translated to other languages and vetted for cultural appropriateness.

Performance Specifications will include, but not limited to

A. Media campaign that educates DDS staff, individuals, families and advocates of the value and benefits of the

SIS-A assessment and encourages individuals and families to volunteer to participate in a SIS-A assessment throughout the rollout of this phase of implementation.

B. Marketing strategy which may incorporate print material, video, social media platforms, and digital advertising. Describe marketing strategy, including creative content to attract Individuals and families to volunteer to participate in a SIS-A assessment.

6. Responses Requirements

Responses must be submitted and uploaded on COMMBUYS using the following format:

A. Narrative

The vendor’s Quote response must address their qualifications as described in Section 5. Responses must be limited to 5 narrative pages plus requested attachment(s). Reviewers may not read more than 5 pages of narrative or review attachment(s) that were not requested. The attachment(s) should each be submitted as a word document or excel sheet, clearly numbered or marked. Electronic media should be able to be easily accessed.

B. Attachments

• Evidence of history of partnerships with similar public/private organizations

• Samples of products designed from previous projects

• An outline of a marketing strategy proposal that addresses key areas/goals highlighted in narrative

• Three references that can speak to your business approach and product delivery

C. Proposed Project Based Budget

• Strategy proposal that addresses key areas/goals highlighted in narrative

• Three references that can speak to your business approach and product delivery

C. Proposed Project Based Budget

• Strategy and plan that reflects maximization and allocation of funds to target largest potential audience

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