Fair Employment and Great Opportunities at BLK

For many people, getting a second chance in life is the key ingredient that they really need to truly achieve their potential. That’s one of the reasons why these days, plenty of companies, such as BLK, have started hiring felons and providing them with an opportunity to secure work and a stable source of income. While rebuilding a life might be challenging, given the right support and opportunities, practically everyone can get another chance at an everyday life.

Since jobs are made for people, BLK believes that investing in its community means there shouldn’t be any unnecessary barriers in the employment process for people with a criminal record. Finding a job is already a challenging process these days, and there’s no need to make it impossible.

As long as a potential employee has good references, the necessary skills for the job position, and a good performance record, companies like BLK are willing to consider any candidate for employment. After all, the mission of BLK is to be an ambassador of fitness and health, and an icon of form and function. That means supporting healthy lifestyles that are conscious of the modern individual. To be better than industry competitors means working with the best people available, regardless of their past, and focusing on their future potential.

The company was founded back in 2011 when Jacqueline and Louse Wilkie, the founders, were looking for health aids and products that would help their mother with her breast cancer diagnosis. They managed to find fulvic acid, which greatly helped their mother, and so they decided to bottle the formula as a beverage to help others around the country. This is a brand that stands by people as they dare to push themselves further than they previously thought was possible. However, BLK is right there on that journey, as it strives to provide the best possible products by finding the best possible people to work with to create those products.

The company also has a mission to help make water available to everyone, as there are plenty of places around the globe that don’t have regular access to clean water. In fact, nearly 800 million people around the world live without access to safe water, which is why BLK is trying to help combat the water crisis.

At its core, the brand was created to support people who take great pride in their health and who are trying to do whatever it takes to give great performances above the status quo. Anyone that’s looking to work with BLK knows that they’re meant to do more in life and give more to their community. That’s why BLK is a company that supports people on their journeys as they become their best selves, and provides products that are intentionally made for optimal performance.

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