The Differences Between PR, Strategic Communications, and Marketing

2022-01-03 by EPR Staff
12 promotional strategies to increase your sales

Marketing and public relations are related but separate industries, and both of them are essential to the success of every company. Marketing includes all of the promotional and advertising strategies that a company uses to promote its  products or services. Marketing also includes marketing analytics, market research, and efforts that are used to target specific audience segments to determine the performance of marketing campaigns. On the other hand, public relations is focused on a company’s general brand identity and its reputation in relation to as well as independently from its products or services. All of the communications that develop and... Read More >

Rhode Island Commerce Corporation Seeks PR Agency

2022-01-02 by EPR Staff
Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority Issues RFP For Public Information and Marketing Services

The Rhode Island Commerce Corporation (Corporation) seeks to retain a qualified public relations and/or advertising agency to assist with the strategy and execution of a comprehensive, statewide business attraction initiative. The Corporation seeks a firm or firms able to further develop and build upon its public relations and creative strategy; cultivate promotional & strategic partnerships with key vertical sector-oriented media and economic development reporters; and provide research & analytics on latest best practices and story trends. The chosen agency/agencies will work collaboratively with website and other partners. Background  Rhode Island is engaged in a major effort to further drive the... Read More >

Marketing RFP Issued BY Tulsa International Airport

2022-01-01 by EPR Staff
tulsa public relations

Tulsa Airports Improvement Trust (Tulsa International Airport, TUL) is seeking proposals from firms specializing in advertising and marketing services to develop a spring and summer 2022 campaign to promote TUL’s onsite parking and its new parking rewards program. Background Parking generates the most non-airline revenue for Tulsa International Airport, making it essential for funding airport operations and improvements. Other large non-airline revenue generators for TUL include the terminal’s restaurants, retail shops and advertising sales. Tulsa International Airport’s three parking options include: Economy: Uncovered parking with free shuttle service drop off at the ticket-counters: $8/dayGarage: Covered parking that’s conveniently located directly... Read More >

Digital PR Myths

2022-01-01 by EPR Staff
direct response marketing 800x480 1

Much like SEO efforts, digital PR takes a long time to get results from for companies, but the results that businesses can get are definitely worth it. Unlike paid ads, there isn’t an immediate show of results after a company launches its digital PR campaign because digital PR is all about building relationships across a variety of channels. There are plenty of things that people believe about digital PR involving the reasons why it doesn’t work for businesses. But those widespread myths are just that. When digital PR is consistent and done right, it’s a gift that keeps on giving,... Read More >

Marketing RFP Issued By The University of Mississippi

2021-12-31 by EPR Staff
university of Mississippi

The mission of the Institute of Child Nutrition (ICN) is to provide information and services that promote the continuous improvement of child nutrition programs. The Institute has four divisions that work hand in hand to accomplish this mission. Additionally, ICN often contracts with consultants who have an expertise in the successful operation of federally funded child nutrition programs. Contracting with consultants enables us to reach a wider range of child nutrition professionals. ICN offers all resources at no-cost to our audience and does not pay for advertising or to boost digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). Target Audience: Child... Read More >

Volkswagen’s AR driving experience

2021-12-31 by EPR Staff

Based on emerging patterns, augmented reality is being used by automakers to give potential consumers the opportunity to explore their vehicles. The automotive sector is undergoing rapid development. The industry is trying to improve the driving experience for users. The application of augmented reality can help the industry save time and money. It can also revolutionize the way purchases are made. Volkswagen announced a new web-based augmented reality technology experience via certain Amazon boxes. It aims to bring a sensory experience of the new Taos SUV to online shoppers. Users can experience a virtual drive on a 3D map by... Read More >

Sanitation Public Relations Company Needed

2021-12-30 by EPR Staff

The Upper Thompson Sanitation District (District) in the Town of Estes Park, Larimer County, Colorado is seeking the professional services of a public relations consultant to provide strategic communication plans, public outreach, education campaigns and specialized public affairs consulting services on an as-needed project, task, or phase basis. The District intends to enter into an agreement with the selected firm that will include public relations services for the District as described in this Request for Qualifications (RFQ). Prices for as-needed public relations projects will be negotiated by task or phase and based on the billing and labor rate structure incorporated... Read More >

Marketing, Brand and Website Development for The Eshelman Institute for Innovation

2021-12-30 by EPR Staff
clean energy smart manufacturing innovation institute

Background The Eshelman Institute for Innovation (the “Eshelman Institute”) was founded in 2014 by a $100M gift from Dr. Fred Eshelman with the aim to fund high-risk, potentially high-reward research ideas from among faculty and staff at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Eshelman School of Pharmacy. Since its inception, the Eshelman Institute has given over $28M in grants, funding 148 projects and leading to 28 patent applications and 13 startup companies. Over the past year, the Eshelman Institute has been reevaluating and redeveloping our strategic plan, choosing to focus primarily on oncology and neuroscience projects, largely in... Read More >

Livestream shopping

2021-12-30 by EPR Staff

There are things that technology can definitely solve, especially when it comes to purchasing opportunities made accessible and affordable. Livestream shopping is a type of transformation of existing practices. Livestream shopping is an online shopping event where customers can make purchases in real time while a video, presenting products, is streaming live. The event can take place on social media platforms, on a mobile app, or on a designated subdomain of the online store. It is one of the hottest trends to emerge during the pandemic, as businesses have adopted this approach to engage customers. Livestream shopping is extremely helpful... Read More >

Marketing RFP Issued By The University of Victoria

2021-12-29 by EPR Staff
The University of Victoria

The University of Victoria (UVic) is seeking proposals from qualified suppliers for marketing and communications services specified in this SRFP Background The University of Victoria (UVic), one of Canada’s leading comprehensive research universities, is a rich and supportive learning community for students and faculty alike. Widely recognized for leadership in research, inspired teaching and community engagement, UVic provides innovative undergraduate and graduate programs for over 20,000 students. Internationally recognized research at UVic spans the basic and applied sciences through to the fine and performing arts with recognized strengths in areas such as global change and sustainability, society and health, oceans... Read More >

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