Bite toothpaste and the mission of conservation

2022-06-16 by EPR Staff
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Conservation is important as it makes sure that resources persist for future generations. Conserving nature is taking care of our future. Brands are waking up to the fact that they need to take practical actions to help conserve nature and reduce our ecological footprint. More and more brands are focusing not only on profit but doing things sustainably. They choose environmentally friendly materials and contribute to raising awareness of the importance of protecting the earth. Brands are switching to paperless offices, using natural materials, and implementing recycling policies. Lindsay McCormick was genuinely concerned with the problem of plastic waste. Plastic... Read More >

Gaming and Food Partnerships

2022-06-16 by EPR Staff
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Plenty of companies have started to look for different ways that they can get inside the video game industry. Additionally, with the rise of the metaverse itself and other types of metaverse developments, such as companies planning to deliver in-game ads to their consumers, the digital gaming world has started getting a lot more attention from big brands and corporations. One of the companies that started investing in the gaming industry is the popular food delivery app, GrubHub. According to the Director of marketing, Mandy Cudahy, over 80% of all gamers have reported being regularly eating or drinking while playing.... Read More >

Communications RFP Issued By Washington Student Achievement Council

2022-06-15 by EPR Staff
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This RFP is located at the Department of Enterprise Services, Washington Electronic Business Solutions (WEBS) procurement website at PROJECT TITLE: Outreach and Communications for Career Connected Learning Directory PROPOSAL DUE DATE: Thursday, June 23, 2022 – 5:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time, Olympia, Washington, USA Only E-mailed bids will be accepted. ESTIMATED TIME PERIOD FOR CONTRACT: July 20, 2022 – June 30, 2023. The Agency reserves the right to extend the contract for up to two additional one-year periods at the sole discretion of the Agency. BIDDER ELIGIBILITY: This procurement is open to those Bidders that satisfy the minimum qualifications... Read More >

Improving Brand Perception by Helping Employees

2022-06-15 by EPR Staff
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Any employees that have started returning to their office spaces have faced the increased cost of their commute to the physical workplace. Recently, the gas prices across the US have been steadily increasing, hitting a record high, while inflation has also skyrocketed to up to a nearly 40-year high. All those different costs have started adding up and according to research, workers have started spending 20% more time and 30% more money on their daily commute now, compared to what they spent before the pandemic started. When adjusted for income, that cost is even bigger for black Americans, increasing by... Read More >

The Best Strategies For Dealing With Misinformation

2022-06-14 by EPR Staff
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Marketing is one of the most important aspects of any business. It can make or break a company, and it's essential to get it right. Marketing campaigns are designed to promote a product or service, but they can also be used to combat misinformation. There are a number of ways to deal with misinformation, and the best marketing strategy will vary from case to case. In some instances, it may be necessary to correct the false information directly. This can be done through traditional advertising channels such as television and print media. In other cases, it may be more effective... Read More >

Marketing RFP Issued By Virginia Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI)

2022-06-14 by EPR Staff
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Project Overview The Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI) is seeking a professional individual or firm with a proven track record to assist in the redesign of the existing website for DOLI’s Registered Apprenticeship Program as well as to assist in the creation and implementation of digital marketing services that complement the new website, providing cohesive branding across all platforms. About the Department of Labor and Industry It is the mission of the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry to make Virginia a better place in which to work, live, and conduct business. The Agency achieves this goal by promoting... Read More >

How Covid-19 Changed The Way Companies Listen

2022-06-13 by EPR Staff

Covid-19 has changed the way companies listen. The pandemic has forced companies to reevaluate their public relations strategies and communication plans. In the past, companies would rely on focus groups and surveys to gauge public opinion. However, Covid-19 has made it difficult to conduct these traditional research methods. As a result, companies have had to find new ways to listen to their customers and stakeholders. One way that companies have adapted is by using social media listening tools. These tools allow companies to track online conversations and identify trends. Additionally, many companies have started hosting virtual events and webinars. These... Read More >

Meme stocks

2022-06-13 by EPR Staff
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The pandemic forced people to isolate themselves from one another. New virtual communities were formed. These communities met on Twitter, in Reddit forums, on Slack chats, and in-text message threads. People also held meetings over Zoom with NFT experts to discuss cryptos and monetized JPEG files. The value of many such assets is obtained from the strength and the influence of the communities surrounding them. The fascination that has been created for such digital assets by online communities has been the legacy of 2021 for the financial world. A very recent development has been the meme stock craze which has... Read More >


2022-06-12 by EPR Staff

I. GENERAL A. General Information The City of Oshkosh (also herein referenced as the “City”) is requesting proposals from firms (hereinafter known as “Proposers”), to provide Non- Ambulatory Paratransit Services. B. Questions or Addenda Questions regarding this RFP must be submitted via electronic mail. No informal communication shall occur regarding this RFP, including requests for information or speculation between Proposers and any City of Oshkosh employees. Any contact or attempt to contact any other employee of the City regarding this RFP may result in the immediate disqualification of the Proposer. Oral and other interpretations or clarifications will be without legal... Read More >

Conducting Market Research

2022-06-11 by EPR Staff
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Consumers these days have a lot of power because they’re easily able to research a company’s products or services and make their own purchasing decisions. Additionally, instead of communicating with a sales representative from a business, they prefer to ask for referrals from others in their social circles or look through reviews online. With all of that in mind, companies have to keep up and adapt their marketing strategies accordingly. However, to do that, businesses need to have a deep understanding of their target audience, as well as what influences their purchasing decisions and behaviors, which is precisely where market... Read More >

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