Steps for Purchasing an Apartment in New York City

2022-07-23 by EPR Staff

New York City has over 8 million people living in it, and it's a popular tourist attraction on top of that. The residents of The Big Apple have plenty of opportunities to experience all sorts of things given the city's financial and business centers, upscale communities, and a variety of places that people can visit. However, when it comes to living in The Big Apple, buying an apartment is one of the most important things someone needs to make a decision on because the home should be a welcoming private space.  Budget It's quite expensive to live in New York,... Read More >

RFP Issued For Website design, development and implementation

2022-07-23 by EPR Staff

The Assembly of First Nations (AFN) is a national advocacy organization that works to advance the collective aspirations of First Nations individuals and communities across Canada on matters of national or international nature and concern.  The AFN hosts two Assemblies a year where mandates and directives for the organization are established through resolutions directed and supported by the First Nations in Assembly (elected Chiefs or proxies from member First Nations). In addition to the direction provided by Chiefs of each member First Nation, the AFN is guided by an Executive Committee consisting of an elected National Chief and Regional Chiefs... Read More >

Important Customer Experience Metrics

2022-07-22 by EPR Staff
ecommerce challenge customers exploding expectations

Analytics tools in the customer experience field have been evolving and growing, and companies need to start utilizing them sooner rather than later. That way, they'll be able to precisely pinpoint what is and isn't working for their customers, and improve the overall experience they have when interacting with a business. However, when utilizing customer experience analytics tools, companies have to be mindful of which metrics they want to track so they can measure them and get accurate results. There are different metrics that companies can choose to track, but it's smart to start with the most important ones. Satisfaction... Read More >

Self-promotion as a marketing tool

2022-07-22 by EPR Staff
Congrats on the Promotion!

Self-promotion has certain goals. One of the major goals is to get the right message to the right people at the right time. It is a powerful tool in marketing. It is truth, well told and is based on integrity. If a business stops marketing, it will quickly see the effects in lost profits and reduced sales. To effectively self-promote, a positive attitude and enthusiasm is needed. Before a business can sell itself to others, it must be absolutely sold on itself. Whenever there is a lack of confidence in self-promotion, a business can fail. There is no harm in... Read More >

Tips to avoid a PR crisis

2022-07-21 by EPR Staff
cd1118 07 01 tips prcrisis

PR is no longer confined to interacting with the public. Today, the scope of PR includes presenting a unified brand image and corporate identity, spreading positive news about the brand, building its reputation and protecting it during a crisis. The tools of PR include conducting research, creating special events,  writing pitches, distributing press releases and responding to negative opinions during a crisis. The reputation of a brand is very important for a brand’s ability to succeed. Consumers should trust in a brand. PR makes sure that a company maintains this trust even in the face of a crisis. Given below... Read More >

Crisis Management in 2022 In 4 Steps

2022-07-21 by EPR Staff
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When a business starts to grow, so do the risks of a crisis situation happening start to grow too. Crisis situations aren't usually something that companies can expect when they happen, but once they do, most companies are left wishing they could have been better prepared. Fortunately, instead of figuring out what our business should be doing during a crisis situation, it's always better to have a crisis communication plan prepared beforehand. With the help of this type of plan, companies can take all the necessary steps they need to mitigate any reputational risk and move through the situation a... Read More >

Four Steps to Crisis Management in 2022

2022-07-20 by EPR Staff
Crisis Management Plan

Over the last couple of years, given everything that the world has gone through, most companies now think they’re ready to face practically anything. After all, they’ve managed to get first-hand experience on how a global crisis such as the pandemic, can have an impact on all business operations overnight. On the other hand, however, many companies realized that they weren’t prepared to deal with such situations until it became too late. Fortunately, with thorough planning and preparation, companies can be ready to face all kinds of situations more effectively in a way that will protect their brands and mitigate... Read More >

Marketing RFP Issued By GREEN Charter Schools

2022-07-20 by EPR Staff

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) ISSUE DATE: June 9th , 2022 RFP TITLE: MARKETING PLAN DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION SUPPORT PROPOSAL DUE DATE AND TIME: June 21st , 2022 12:00 pm EST PROPOSAL OPENING DATE AND TIME: June 14th , 2022 12:00pm EST PROPOSALS WILL BE ACCEPTED VIA EMAIL TO: GENERAL INFORMATION: GREEN Charter Schools in South Carolina is soliciting Proposals from qualified, interested bidders, for the items listed within this RFP document. GREEN is a tuition-free charter school serving grades K-12. GREEN has six campuses located across the state of South Carolina. The school is privately controlled and managed by... Read More >

Generating Attention Through Content

2022-07-19 by EPR Staff

Companies are always trying to find elements that will help set them apart from their market competitors. One of those things can be content, especially when companies are able to use their content strategies in the right way. Content and value proposition Most companies understand that they've become publishers in the last decade or so since the popularity of Internet use has skyrocketed. In fact, practically everyone these days is in the business of trying to create engaging content for the target audience that's aimed at turning other people into paying customers. In the past, most content strategies used to... Read More >

Everything-PR On Online Reputation Management

2022-07-19 by EPR Staff
Why Online Reputation Management Is Important For Businesses

A brand almost always makes an impression. Online reputation requires different types of goals and approaches. For great reputation management online, it is important to listen to what people are saying about an organization. If an organization pays interest to what people are saying about it online, they can address why they are saying it, rather than covering it up with positive information. Online reputation management refers to the way the narrative of an organization, person, or brand can be controlled online. A strong organization is one that responds promptly with messages that exhibit that the organization listens and understands.... Read More >

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