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All proposals must be submitted electronically to the correct contract opportunity established for this RFP (identified by opportunity number) through eContract Philly at


The Department of Revenue (Department) collects taxes, water charges, and other fees to support the School District of Philadelphia and essential city services. The Department also administers several assistance programs for homeowners, among other tax credits and exemptions.

The Department estimates that 20% of eligible households don’t take advantage of the Real Estate Tax assistance programs the Department offers.

Among the programs are the Homestead Exemption (now worth up to $1,119 annually per participant) and the Low-income Senior Tax Freeze, which freezes the tax bill of low-income seniors. We believe immigrant communities are especially vulnerable to real estate assessment fluctuations in rapidly changing neighborhoods.


The term of the contract is expected to start on or about May 1, 2024

The City may, at its sole option, amend the Contract to add up to three (3) additional terms, each not to exceed one year.

The City also may award the contract in whole or parts to one vendor or more.

Compensation Compensation cannot exceed a total of $88,000.

Both Local Impact and certified Local Business Entity status can be considered positive factors in evaluation. Local Impact is considered employing City residents or performing work in the City.


Through this RFP, the City is seeking a contractor to perform the following services:

Develop a multimedia campaign, including but not limited to print and digital materials, with culturally competent translations into the most demanding languages determined by Revenue. The marketing plan must include, but not be limited to, advertisement placements on traditional and social media, and unconventional places of high traffic by immigrant and underserved communities.

2.2 Project Details


Overall goals and objectives

The Philadelphia Department of Revenue seeks proposals for creative services to develop a multimedia campaign to increase awareness and participation in Revenue’s Real Estate tax assistance programs and the Philadelphia Tax Center among Philadelphians and communities with limited English proficiency (LEP). This may include different messaging for different communities and languages.

The proposal must include how the awardee(s) will raise awareness about the assistance programs, remove barriers, and encourage Philadelphia homeowners to apply.

Engage in the work above in partnership and consultation with the Department of Revenue.

Tasks, milestones, or deliverables 

The awardee(s) should have the capacity and knowledge of which local mediums are the most effective to reach the targeted audience. The awardee(s) must be able to manage both the placement of advertisements and the advertising costs. The awardee(s) is expected to work with the Department to develop the strategy plan and detail how the plan goals are achievable with measurable results, using traditional and innovative outreach methods. Results should be seen in online traffic of the Department’s web assets and increased assistance applications, especially from non-English speaking households.

Technological requirements

The Department is looking for a contractor with the capacity to place advertisements in, but not limited to, local and regional community newspapers, social media, Google Ads, bus shelters, public transit, radio stations, YouTube, post mail, and SMS, among others.

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