PR for interior designers

2022-06-22 by EPR Staff
100 Miami 10 Creative Interior Designers of Miami 7

To showcase designs and projects for interior spaces, to a targeted audience, PR is crucial. PR can make a big difference and be a game-changer for a business. Since PR involves media coverage, it can help to build a positive reputation for a business. It can increase the credibility of a business and attract new clients. Given below are PR tips that can help to foster the growth of an interior design business. Develop the brand - As in any other business, it is important to build a strong brand identity for an interior design business. Building a brand includes... Read More >

The Importance of Marketing Small Businesses

2022-06-21 by EPR Staff
small business start up tips

Plenty of smaller and newer businesses don't believe that they need to invest in marketing, and in fact, according to research, nearly 40% of smaller businesses don't even have their own business websites where they can market their solutions to the world. Most of the businesses that tend to avoid investing in marketing from the very beginning tend to do so because they're already busy trying to get as many customers as possible to convert and don't have the time to focus on marketing campaigns. However, it's actually marketing campaigns that are a much more effective and guaranteed way for... Read More >

Email Marketing and E-commerce

2022-06-21 by EPR Staff

Most e-commerce business owners tend to be quite familiar with every marketing channel that's available to them, but plenty of them tend to overlook how important and valuable email marketing can be. Unlike SEO or social media platforms, email marketing is quite unique because companies are in charge of every step of the buying journey for their customers. Additionally, companies actually own their email contact list, which makes data collection a lot more important and effective, which is different from, for example, social media platforms, where companies have to rely on data and algorithms that are used by those platforms.... Read More >

The return of business travel

2022-06-20 by EPR Staff
Better Building of Travel and Hospitality Brands

People may have become habituated to Zoom meetings but that cannot replace what is felt while  meeting someone  and shaking hands. In the past couple of years, COVID-related travel bans kept a lot of people grounded. A major reason had also been an attempt to keep business costs down for companies facing uncertainties. Positive changes The return of business travel is not only a return but also a new world of trends. There is an increase of business travelers booking ‘bleisure’ trips. Bleisure trips are those trips that combine business with pleasure. Some trade shows are surpassing pre-pandemic numbers. The... Read More >

PR RFP Issued For Juab County Tourism Office

2022-06-20 by EPR Staff
Juab County Tourism

Juab County Stretches from central Utah west to the Nevada border, boasting a rich history and diverse recreation opportunities. Whether you are interested in rockhounding, mountain biking, horseback riding, ATV riding, exploring old mining districts, camping or wildlife watching, it can all be found in Juab County. Topography ranges from high forested mountains to salt flats, and free-flowing sand dunes to desert flatlands. We have mile after mile of wide-open space, with room to play and explore. Destination assets: • Nebo Loop Scenic By-way • Little Sahara Recreation Area • Yuba State Park • Burraston Ponds • Fish Springs Wildlife... Read More >

Essential steps in market research

2022-06-19 by EPR Staff
Drawn business plan on wall illuminated by lamp above 935522 edited

When companies want to learn more about their target market or their competitors they tend to do market research. There are different types of research that companies can do, however, there are several steps that they need to take for each type. Buyer persona Before a company gets to learn about the way that the target audience is making purchasing decisions, it first needs to understand who the target audience is. This is where a buyer persona can be very helpful and the term itself refers to fictionalized and generalized representations of the ideal customers the business wants to market... Read More >


2022-06-19 by EPR Staff

Bid Opening Timeline Please mail or deliver bids clearly titled “Communication & Public Relations Services” by no later than Friday, June 24, 2022 at 3:00 PM to: Jefferson County Commission Commission Office 124 E Washington St Charles Town, WV 25414 Attn: Jessica Carroll Bids will be opened in public at the Commission Office on Friday, June 24, 2022 at 3:01PM. Background Jefferson County is located in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia and seated in Charles Town. Jefferson County is the easternmost county of West Virginia, bounded by the Potomac River and Maryland on the north; the Blue Ridge... Read More >

Resident Marketing & Communications

2022-06-19 by EPR Staff
United States Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands Housing Authority (VIHA) The Virgin Islands Housing Authority (VIHA), a public body corporate and political; is located within the United States Virgin Islands, an unincorporated territory of the United States. VIHA is responsible for planning, financing, constructing, maintaining, and managing all public housing developments located on the three islands of St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix, which include ten (10) Asset Management Projects (AMPs) with 3,018 public housing units in 24 communities. VIHA's mission is to create vibrant, dynamic, sustainable communities so families can evolve economically, improve lives, strengthen communities through quality, safe and affordable housing,... Read More >


2022-06-18 by EPR Staff

The College of Lake County (CLC) is seeking to purchase business-to-business strategic marketing and sales lead generation services to increase engagement with employers. This will target Lake County Illinois employers served by CLC’s Workforce and Professional Development Institute (WPDI) focused specifically on the service lines offered by the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and Talent Development Services (TDS) that include a learning management system, contract training, coaching and organizational development consulting as described herein. Any addenda to this RFP will be posted by the College to the College website: Proposers are responsible for insuring registration and frequently visit the... Read More >

Using NFТs in Marketing

2022-06-17 by EPR Staff

According to one of the cofounders of the largest marketplace for non-fungible tokens, Alex Attallah, currently, there are more NFTs on Open Sea than there were websites on the Internet in 2010. Four added context, Open Sea, the largest marketplace for non-fungible tokens has over 250 million tokens that are currently searchable, and back in 2010, the Internet had about 200 million websites available on it. This has plenty of implications in terms of how businesses operate, as well as how they market themselves to their customers. Examples Recently, the senior vice president of growth for Together Labs, Lomit Patel,... Read More >

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