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HaulerHub: Putting the Power of Logistics in the Hands of Haulers

2021-10-16 by EPR Staff
Chinese warship

As the demand for the digitization of the supply chain industry and e-commerce continues to impact different parties in the logistics industry, reliable haulers have become the focal point of seamless transportation of goods. However, freight brokers have dominated the Cargo transport and shipping industry for a long time, from arranging payment with consignees to scheduling delivery with selected haulers. These intermediaries have affected small-scale and independent haulers who have minimal resources to compete with big players in an industry that abounds with challenges. Although licensed, these third parties often exploit the parties as they arrange shipments. Fortunately, HaulerHub has... Read More >

Intuitive Stock Trading made Simple with TradeUP

2021-09-30 by EPR Staff

TradeUP Securities (“TradeUP Securities,”, formerly Marsco Investment Corp)is rapidly achieving the coveted status as having one of the U.S.'s most trusted mobile trading platforms. TradeUP is the application designed to help you monitor opportunities and place trades from wherever you are.  It is available for download on iPadOS, iOS, and all Android devices. You can download TradeUP from the App Store or Google Play—it is fast and simple to navigate. TradeUP users are matching the more significant market activity traded in the first half of 2021. Signups increased over 100% during this same period. TradeUP offers investment products such as... Read More >

TradeUP’s Tools and Features Make Mobile Trading Easy for Everyone

2021-01-26 by EPR Staff

TradeUP is a powerful and easy-to-use mobile trading app that allows you to control your stock market investments even with a full schedule, especially if you are a first-timer. Through Marsco Investment Corp, TradeUP offers investment securities products like stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and ETFs, as well as brokerage assistance. You’ll have an edge when trading on TradeUP with FREE advanced tools that include 40+ indicators, one-tap access financials, and real-time quotes. The TradeUP platform emphasizes in-the-moment market updates and easy-to-use features that enable you to decipher market trends and improve your investment portfolio on the daily. TradeUP’s grab bag... Read More >

Clinc, a Pioneer in Conversational AI

2020-08-24 by EPR Staff
clinc ceo

Clinc AI The scientific field of artificial intelligence is rapidly growing with new technology created and its use expanding into every industry on the list. As AI developers across the globe continue to see consistent breakthroughs with deepened, more specific research and improved understanding, artificial intelligence and its various forms of human-replicating technology have no other choice but to effortlessly weave its way into more and more aspects of our daily lives.  Clinc, the Ann Arbor-based A.I. startup, is expanding the applications of conversational artificial intelligence across the financial sector, not only in the United States but over the world.... Read More >

Gone Phishin’

2019-10-11 by EPR Staff

Gone Phishin’ That phrase with its new spelling appears to be the rage for cybercriminals these days. 76% of all companies surveyed last year reported being victims of phishing attacks. The most popular in the second quarter of 2019 were free webmail sites and SaaS followed by the financial sector. And if that’s not enough to scare you, new phishing sites have been popping up at an average of 1.5 million every month and about half use https encryption. The Cost? In 2018, it was estimated that the cost of a phishing attack on each mid-sized company was $1.6 million.... Read More >

Japan Takes on Big Tech

2019-09-13 by EPR Staff

Japan Takes on Big Tech Tokyo is at it again. Japan has begun drafting guidelines that will be used to introduce more regulation into the US tech giant-dominated domestic digital market. This time, the goal is to weave together the protection of competition and protection of user privacy and devise a set of regulations that would address the purposes of both. The proposed guidelines are being drafted by Japan’s Fair Trade Commission and will be up for public debate in September. If approved, the guidelines could come into effect as early as October 2019. Japan’s push for broader regulation is... Read More >

Is Artificial Intelligence Coming for Your Job?

2019-09-12 by EPR Staff

Is AI Coming for Your Job? Persado is an artificial intelligence-driven company that utilizes machine learning to create compelling copy and branding words for companies looking for a boost. While services such as what Persado offers are attractive and innovative, some marketing professionals might be quaking in their boots. And this trepidation may well be valid: Persado just signed a deal with JPMorgan for five years to create marketing copy. What happens to the humans who were previously tasked with creating that copy that will now be handed off to a machine? The fact of the matter is that we,... Read More >

E-Commerce: How To Optimize Your Product Page

2019-06-11 by EPR Staff

E-Commerce: How To Optimize Your Product Page You’ve opened your first online store, and the numbers look good at first. Thanks to a killer online marketing strategy, you’re funneling people to your store in healthy numbers. There’s only one problem: not enough of these visitors are taking that final step and adding your product to their cart. It’s time to revise your product page. There are four main things to consider when formulating a high-quality product page: The product This part is obviously center stage, but what product you’re selling should inform how this page is presented to your audience,... Read More >

Big Tech’s 2019 PR Challenge: Tax

2019-02-18 by EPR Staff
Big Tech's 2019 PR Challenge: Tax

Big Tech's 2019 PR Challenge: Tax March 2018: at France’s request, the European Commission has put forward two proposals for the reform of corporate tax rules and a tax on the big technology players. The aim of this new legislation? To adjust tax laws so that any company with significant digital operations within the EU would have to pay tax there, even the firm had no actual, physical, presence within the bloc. In addition, an interim tax would have been applied to technology giants’ revenues, covering activities from targeted advertising and data exploitation, until the reform was full implemented. Still,... Read More >

Facebook Dips its Toes in Hot Water- Again

2019-02-15 by EPR Staff

Facebook dips its toes in hot water- again According to the New York Times, Facebook is set to merge data from its three messaging services- Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp- into a single platform. The move has since been confirmed by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself, with Zuckerberg claiming that the platform merger is not set to occur before 2020, with the process only aimed at ensuring users are able to communicate across services and benefit from end-to-end encryption. At present, such encryption is only offered by chat platform WhatsApp. Still, the last time Facebook and WhatsApp attempted to share user... Read More >

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