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David A. Steinberg: Co-Founder and CEO of Zeta Global

2021-07-29 by JamesD
David Steinberg and Zeta Global

The CEO who made Multi-million Brands Famous David A. Steinberg is the CEO of Zeta Global, a solutions-based marketing company with headquarters in New York. He is a successful entrepreneur with an impressive track record who has taken two companies public.  His net worth is estimated at approximately $750 Million Dollars.  According to the Zeta Global website, Steinberg's global customer growth platform has represented well-known brands such as CNN, Samsung, Hyundai, Toyota and BMW. Zeta Global's website states that their vision is to help brands "acquire, grow, and retain their customers" by using cutting-edge technology to increase brand visibility. A... Read More >

Nicholas Adams: Leveraging the power of partnership post-pandemic

2021-06-30 by Jade Minh
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Everything PR News’ ongoing talks with industry leaders continues today with Ninico Communications CEO Nicholas Adams. Founded in 2011, the award-winning public relations agency has created campaigns, developed strategic messaging, and served as a publicist to some of California’s most celebrated brands and business leaders. Q&A: Nicholas Adams + Everything PR News EPR: What did 2020 look like for your agency? NA: PR is always valuable, but it is particularly valuable when things are going sideways. As COVID-19 pushed businesses to navigate in new ways and develop creative pivots in record speed, public relations and advertising agencies found themselves in... Read More >

Interview with Steve Cody, Founder & CEO of Peppercomm

2021-06-14 by JamesD
Peppercomm PR: A Profile

Humor is a HUGE Strategic Differentiator Tell me a bit about Peppercomm’s founding. I need to know where the “Pepper” part came from! Peppercomm was founded in September of 1995, after I had become disenchanted with the stultifying life of being a top executive at a global holding company. I couldn't stand the bureaucratic, administrative, operational and financial tasks I had to attend to - all while trying to make sure the trains kept running on time and that those leading client accounts were delivering. I decided that I had it with big agency life, foolishly thought I was just as... Read More >

Q&A with Anvil Media President, Kent Lewis

2021-06-01 by Julio Juarez
Anvil Media Inc logo profile 1

Learn how a boutique digital agency generated a Fortune 50 prospect via a parody press release We sat down with Kent Lewis, President & Founder of Anvil Media, a digital agency based in Portland, Oregon. What is Anvil Media all about? Anvil Media was founded in 2000, two years after Google officially launched as a search engine and the same year AdWords unveiled. As one of the oldest search engine marketing-focused digital agencies in the Pacific Northwest, and one of the most award-winning in the United States, Anvil prides itself on its ability to delight customers and consistently generate measurable... Read More >

Q & A with (W)right On Communications President and Founder, Julie Wright

2021-05-26 by Julio Juarez

 What’s (W)right On Communications all about?   Our public relations agency was founded in 1998. As we've grown over the decades, we've continuously adapted to a shifting communications landscape.   Today, we serve organizations in complex and unpredictable business environments like energy and cleantech public relations but also hospitality PR--which became very chaotic in 2020 and 2021--as well as senior living, education, healthcare, B2B, not-for-profit and public sector strategic communications.   Our mission is to elevate the agency experience for our client partners, employees and industry. We do that through a winning combination of savvy, imagination and earning our client partners' trust every day. For employees, we invest in their success and growth. We want... Read More >

Miami’s Top PR Firms

2021-05-05 by JamesD
miami pr firms

miami pr firms The best PR firms are the ones that consistently offer excellent services to their clients’ satisfaction. Such firms consist of experienced teams of people who have mastered their crafts and who are reliable and consistent. However, finding the right PR firm to work with takes a lot of time. To shorten the search, what follows is an overview of some of Miami’s top PR teams. 5W Public Relations Miami 5W PR Miami One of America’s leading PR agencies, 5WPR has recently decided they will be setting up shop in Miami.  Like many recent transplants to Miami, 5WPR... Read More >

Brandinc PR CEO Q & A

2021-04-26 by JamesD

Today, a Q&A with the Founder & CEO of Brandinc PR, Brandi Sims. Brandinc PR is a full-service, Oklahoma based Public Relations agency committed to developing cohesive strategic communication plans that ensure your company’s success. We take pride in our outside-the-box approach and dedication to turn brand communication into engaging and value-generating conversations that get you the recognition you deserve. Founded by CEO Brandi Sims in 2020, Brandinc PR is focused on serving public figures and businesses with speciality in beauty, lifestyle and entertainment brands. What inspired you to start your PR agency during the pandemic? To jumpstart my entrepreneurial vision,... Read More >

Conversation with Judith R. King of King + Company

2021-04-14 by JamesD

Judith R. King is the founder and owner of King + Company, one of the industry’s leading independent public relations and strategic marketing firms.  She stands at the forefront of her New York-based firm’s commitment to bring together the best of traditional and digital public relations, seamlessly integrating the firm’s high-impact media relations with deep social media expertise and strategic communications campaigns. [What follows is a brief conversation with this leader. 1.       How did you get started in public relations? For many years, I was a very busy advertising copywriter in New York, conceptualizing sharply targeted advertising campaigns and writing highly recognized... Read More >

Must Read PR Book of 2021

2021-04-06 by Jade Minh
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If 2020 taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected and that doomsday preppers may have had the right idea all along. Thanks to this reality, public relations continues to be more powerful than ever in a crowded, distracted, and confused world. The latter notion is expressed by CEO powerhouse, Ronn Torossian, in his second edition release of, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SHAPE MINDS, BUILD BRANDS, AND DELIVER GAME-CHANGING PUBLIC RELATIONS. Originally published in 2011, Torossian’s updated and revised version covers the changing social movements since its first publication--hitting on everything from the rise of TikTok culture, the fall of retail... Read More >

Q&A with French/West/Vaughan’s President David Gwyn

2021-03-03 by JamesD

Today, a Q & A with the President of French/West/Vaughan, David Gwyn What are some ways FWV has pivoted or evolved since the pandemic began?   FWV has done a tremendous job on behalf of our clients in keeping their marketing messaging and brand touch points moving forward over the past year. Just using our long-time client Wrangler as an example, FWV and the brand executed two virtual product line reviews with New York City media members; we hosted a “Can’t Stop Country” virtual concert series on Wrangler’s digital platform The Wrangler Network; and the agency worked closely with rodeo’s governing body – the Professional... Read More >

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