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Jason Binn: The Business Acumen And King Of Relationships

jason binn

Jason Binn, the founder of several luxury magazines, is widely regarded as a publishing guru and is truly the king of high level relationships.  He’s smart, well networked and an entrepreneurial genius. Naturally, Binn is the recipient of various awards, including Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year. Reports show his publications earned millions in […]

Who are the top Republican PR Firm CEOs

republic public relations

At Everything PR News we realize that the public relations industry is generally liberal, there are a handful of strong PR firms who have Republican CEO’s. Some on this list serve politicians, lobby for initiatives, and have worked for the Republican National Committee (RNC), while others have strong media contacts and are good “street-fighting” PR professionals. […]

Introducing Jim Weiss: The Founder of W2O

Introducing Jim Weiss: The Founder of W2O

Jim Weiss is the founder, CEO, and chairman of W2O Group, a PR company designed to give brands an “unfair advantage” in today’s competitive marketplace. Jim has more than three decades of experience in the marketing communications and PR space and focuses heavily on his specialisms in technology and healthcare. Over the years, he’s achieved […]

Meet the Man Who Claims To Have Invented The Word Marketing

Philip Kotler a professor of Kellogg

A few months ago, we revealed that global PR conglomerate Porter Novelli claimed to have “…pioneered social marketing” – and while we found that claim rather over-the top, now we have found someone who claims to have invented the word marketing. And while marketing has been around forever, Philip Kotler a professor of Kellogg Graduate […]

Michael Kempner MWW says Go Mobile Or No Go Nowhere

Tech companies now bill their smart devices as "life companions" - courtesy SamsungTomorrow

Michael Kempner is one of the smartest men I know. His company, MWW Group, is also one of the smartest big time PR firms in the world. The reason I’m telling you what you may already know is so you heed the advice I’m about to offer your business. Heck, he advises world leaders, surely your business can’t lose listening at least, now can it?