The Future is Online


Many consumers who flocked to digital platforms during the pandemic have expressed their intent to stay in cyberspace. Bread, an online retail financing platform, was among the latest to validate this in a survey of more than 600 customers. What can brands do to improve their position in the … [Read more...]

Essential Tools for Building an Online Presence

Online marketing

These days, businesses must have a good online presence, but not all business owners are digital-minded. However, with different technologies and tools, it’s easier to build an online presence for a brand to make a company stand out from the crowd and get consumer’ attention. For business owners … [Read more...]

Focusing On Organic SEO & Why It Matters

Paying attention to and focusing on organic SEO can elevate your website ahead of the competition. A discussion with Don Silver, COO, BoardroomPR, Fort Lauderdale, Florida What is organic search engine optimization (SEO) and why is it important? SEO is the process of optimizing your … [Read more...]

Building the Best Business Team

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There are plenty of different ways for brands and corporations to build teams that solve business challenges. Each approach has its own advantages and disadvantages, which is why business owners have to pick the one that best fits their ideas and vision on how to achieve their business … [Read more...]

Reviews Are More Important Than Ever

reviews ratings 1

On the day after opening night on Broadway, bad reviews often signaled the death knell for a show despite a huge investment of capital and hundreds of hours in rehearsal time by the cast and crew. It’s moot for now because of the pandemic, but for merchants, it’s also caused them to pay more … [Read more...]

Q & A With Michael D. London of Bow Wow Labs

Bow Wow Labs

Today, a special Q & A with Michael D. London, CEO of Bow Wow Labs. For more than 40 years, Michael London has invested in and built companies from startup, to maturity, to exit. In all cases, these companies have become more than an investment, and London has been the Chairman and Chief … [Read more...]

Digital Marketing Predictions For The Year To Come

What do pros think will happen in digital marketing in 2021?  Some experts told us: “Accessibility is a trend that is gaining more and more momentum as marketers and brands realize that their message is inaccessible to valuable audiences. Optimizing for voice search, video search and … [Read more...]

Small Business Marketing Trends

Small businesses are facing more and more competitors in today’s demanding landscape, which leaves them struggling to keep up with all the different trends that come and go. The biggest struggle seems to be which trends are relevant and can help the business, as well as resonate with the target … [Read more...]