Building a trans-inclusive workplace

2022-05-10 by EPR Staff
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Trans people often feel pressured about their identities in social settings. They experience discrimination and hostility even in their workplace. Such experiences can have devastating consequences for their well-being as well as their job satisfaction. Awareness and acceptance are on the rise. Workplace protection on the basis of gender identity has improved considerably. A number of issues still remain. Pervasive issues Work is stressful for a lot of people. Trans people carry the additional weight of concealing their true gender identity for the fear of being ostracized by others. It is traumatic not being able to reveal their authentic selves... Read More >

The Four-day Workweek Experiment

2022-05-09 by EPR Staff
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The pandemic has brought about a lot of change to the world of work. “Flexibility’ has become a keyword in the discussion centered around four-day workweek. Governments and businesses are talking about how people work and not only where they work. The benefits of a four-day workweek would be more well-being and better work-life balance, but not at the cost of productivity. Unexpected consequences For some, it is difficult to get past the idea that five days is the right number to work. A workday may be cut off from the calendar, but the workload, in most cases, remains the... Read More >

Preventing Scams

2022-05-04 by EPR Staff
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There are fraudsters targeting people by emails, phone calls, texts, and more. The pandemic has left people confined to their homes, and they are spending more time online. Scammers find information about people before they make contact with them. There are different types of scams used to draw people in. There are plenty of ways by which people can protect themselves from these scams. Given below are different types of scams and what to do to avoid being cheated by a fraudster. Important-sounding government agency calls - Each type of scam has a warning sign. Calls from the IRS or... Read More >

The retail landscape in the post-Covid world

2022-05-03 by EPR Staff
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The pandemic witnessed many shuttered storefronts. Retail sales dipped and major stores like Pier 1, J.Crew, and Neiman Marcus filed for bankruptcy in 2020. In spite of a drop in physical store sales in 2020, overall sales actually grew by 6.7%. This was largely due to e-commerce. As the economy re-opens, the growth will be even better. Retailers need to make changes to their brick-and-mortar stores to attract customers back to their physical locations. The industry shift - The next few years will result in a great industry shift, and creative retailers will enjoy a competitive advantage. E-commerce is already... Read More >

Fishwife makes tinned seafood look cool

2022-05-02 by EPR Staff
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Canned sardines and tuna are not considered to be particularly cool. This changed with Fishwife, a company that sells tinned fish that is healthy, tasty, sustainable, and quirkily packaged. Caroline Goldfarb and Becca Millstein came across the idea to start a canned fish and seafood company during the pandemic. The beginning - During the pandemic, both Goldfarb and Millstein were preparing their food at home. Tinned fish became an essential component for many of their meals. As youngsters, both the women had traveled to the Iberian peninsula, where they had fallen in love with tinned fish, particularly sardines. They had... Read More >

Effective unconscious bias training

2022-04-30 by EPR Staff
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With mounting public outcry over racist incidents across the world, employers are trying to make their organizations more inclusive and diverse. Unconscious bias training has played an important role in these efforts. This type of training aims at raising awareness about the mental shortcomings that lead to racist or sexist judgments. The goal of this type of training is to lessen bias at work, from recruiting and decisions about promotion to communicating with colleagues and customers. The impact of effective unconscious bias training - Effective unconscious bias training does not only increase people's awareness of bias. It helps them assess... Read More >

Wireless chargers integrated with the workspace

2022-04-30 by EPR Staff
Wireless Charging Technology

Wireless charging is also called inductive charging. It provides a convenient and cable-free way of charging electronic devices. It normally requires two things: a charger and a mat or stand. Wireless chargers provide a charging surface to attach to a smartphone or earbuds. Wireless chargers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, giving consumers plenty of choices. These chargers safely transfer power to devices and put less strain on a phone’s charging port. Given below are wireless chargers that are convenient and integrated with the workspace. The invisible choice - The UTS-1 Invisible Wireless Charger by Kew Labs is... Read More >

Timeless investor rules to live by

2022-04-29 by EPR Staff

Some investor rules are always helpful. Inflation and interest rates inform most wise investing decisions. Each day can be an opportunity to make or lose money. A portfolio should match the goals of an investor and their risk tolerance. Each year brings with it challenges and new economic conditions. The stock market is still dealing with the effects of the pandemic. It is wise to create an investment plan and stick to it. Every investment needs to have an underlying reason because it is easy to lose focus. Given below are some investment rules that might prove helpful during times... Read More >

Programmatic Advertising Benefits for Companies

2022-04-26 by EPR Staff

For companies to achieve success with their advertising campaigns, they need to show their ads at the right time, and to the right people. Additionally, those ads should be creative and relevant enough to capture the attention of the target audience. When it comes to paid ad campaigns, programmatic advertising can offer a solution to many issues that companies have with their campaigns. Programmatic advertising can help companies leverage automation in the ad buying process to increase their reach and efficiently target more people. Media buying was traditionally a very manual process, where companies had to research and identify good... Read More >

Ben and Jerry’s new podcast

2022-04-02 by EPR Staff

Brand activism is not always about PR stunts. With the pandemic deeply affecting people’s mental health, consumers want brands to play a more active role in their well-being. Consumers also believe that brands should make a statement about important political and environmental issues. A thorough understanding of the expectations of consumers is now more important than ever. When Ben and Jerry’s was founded in 1978, Jerry Greenfield and Ben Cohen, its co-founders, made activism an intrinsic part of the fabric of the brand. Since then, the brand has been actively campaigning for social causes. From using fairly traded sugar in... Read More >

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