Are You Ready For a Recession?

In the wake of recent predictions of a coming recession, how prepared is your organization? No one can pinpoint when a recession will occur, but nearly every economist agrees that there will be one sooner or later. Prepare Team up with your CFO. Reach an agreement that the department will monitor the following indicators to […]

Online Marketplace, Direct, or Both?

If you’ve been struggling with this question, you’re not alone. For most retailers, it’s not so much a question of an online marketplace or direct, but of both. Last year, the top 100 global marketplaces sold more than $1.6 trillion worth of merchandise, an increase of 20%. Globally, the two giants are Amazon and Ali […]

Congrats on the Promotion!

Congrats on the Promotion!

Okay, celebrating is over and it’s your first day on the job as the new marketing director. The CEO said she chose you because of your servant leadership as well as your skills in strategic planning, communications and accountability. She also wanted to see a positive turnaround in revenues but also had confidence that you […]

“The Only Thing That is Constant is Change.”

The saying is one of about a hundred discovered in remnants of a book written by Greek philosopher Heraclitus around 500 BC. If he thought change was happening quickly then, imagine how surprised he’d be today! The Workforce of Today and the Future One of the biggest changes we’re witnessing this century is the rapidly […]

Public Relations Job Descriptions

An earlier article attempted to detail and define the numerous job titles one can find in the public relations field. With the encyclopedic number of titles, how does one describe the work of these? Another previous article quoted the 30,000 member Public Relations Society of America’s definition of PR – “Public relations is a strategic […]

How To Handle Sexual Harassment at Your Company


If you think that your company is immune to such charges, think again. According to a 2017 NBC/WSJ poll,48% of women say they were victims of sexual, verbal or physical harassment at their companies. Additionally, 10% of men have similar claims according to a different survey. As if that’s not enough, the top two industries […]

Great Marketing Strategies To Stay Relevant


A growing business needs more than just a viable idea and a profitable niche. The right marketing strategy can be described as the benchmark of success for any business. It will fuel your business’ growth and help you stay afloat in a competitive world. What’s more, getting the word out there about your business will […]

Running a Successful E-commerce Business

how to run an ecommerce business

Entrepreneurs who want to build a business that gives them time to live their lives are a dime a dozen. The idea of creating a self-running business is nothing new, but the world of e-commerce has opened up a world of opportunity for savvy business owners-to-be. Still, if you want to grease the gears of […]

Packaging for Women: Done Right

women product packaging

Over the last few years, a focus on women’s issues has risen in prominence in the public sphere. From the pink tax to inequality in the workplace, gender issues have taken center stage in the news more than ever before. Still, there is one issue that few outlets — and brands — have managed to […]

Continued Education Should Be Part of Every Digital Agency

Education Digital Agency

It’s a well-known fact that marketing and public relations are two industries that are constantly in a state of change. This isn’t a bad thing, but this fact does require those working within these industries to ensure they’re up to date on the latest updates. In order to best serve clients in the digital space, […]