There’s a quote from several unknown sources that circulates just about every Father’s Day that says “not all things in life are forever.  Thankfully there are some relationships that are here to stay.”  It also appears to accurately describe the future of the ever-expanding presence of artificial intelligence (AI). The world has now seen self-driving […]

Making a Difference Through Purpose

In October, hundreds of corporate executives gathered in Chicago for PRWeek’s PRDecoded conference to hear stories of how leaders in different industries leveraged their corporate strength and influence to make a difference in the world.  For some attendees, it was the first step toward incorporating social responsibility into their company culture.  Thinking about doing this? […]



More than 70% of crises that make the headlines are caused by decisions that management has control over.  That was the conclusion of James Rubin and Barie Carmichael in their book, “Reset: Business and Society in the New Social Landscape.” What the authors pointed out are new and emerging sources for social risk.  They cited […]

Choosing A Digital Marketing Agency?

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Choosing a good digital marketing agency isnt easy. Here are important factors to look out for: ●     Needs and Budget ○    A company needs to first well describe its needs before meeting with an agency. Factors to be kept in mind include SEO, graphic design, and website. ●     Transparency of An Agency ○    A reputable agency should have a […]

Kaepernick Workout Descended into Chaos… Was That the Point?

Kaepernick Workout Descended into Chaos… Was That the Point?

The NFL had been enjoying a largely controversy-free season, with the exception of HelmetGate, until the league announced it planned to offer a workout to one of the most controversial figures in modern sports: unemployed former quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. Ask any NFL fan, and they likely have an opinion, both about Kaepernick, as well as […]

Organic Searches As Good Marketing

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Organic, once thought to refer only to natural foods, is now king of the hill when it comes to online searches.  Since search engines are always renewing their algorithms, SEO or search engine optimization has become a key player.  Add to that the fact that SEO has changed over the years.  What was effective a […]



Managers may be the heart of a company but how good is their health?  According to Gallup, which tracked more than 50,000 managers between 2014 and this year, not that well. Gallup’s five-year study, which asked over 500 questions, concluded that there were as many downsides, if not more, among managers, than plusses.  The bottom […]

Search Engine Optimization and Digital Media

The process of hiring an SEO service agency might seem time-consuming and expensive but it is worth the effort. It attracts more clicks and research has shown that organic results are more trusted than purchased clickable adverts. However, businesses might still choose to combine both approaches as each has its own benefits. What industries need […]



There are a number of games many of us may have grown up with as kids that had an element of “freeze” in it.  However, when it comes to pensions, that’s a word that workers who are preparing for retirement don’t want to hear. GE was among the latest companies to announce a freeze on […]

Businesses Can Learn from Carol Cone’s Principles

Carol Cone’s Purpose Principles

Carol Cone has built a career around the idea of purpose. In a world that has rapidly progressed to a need for social transparency, particularly from businesses both large and small, Cone has seen an area for her to assist. Through her business, Cone collaborates with clients to help drive their brand purpose forward — and […]