Creating a Successful PR Strategy

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The key to a successful PR campaign is creating long-term results. A PR strategy is the most effective way to organize public relations activities and determine the best way to communicate. This helps people in charge of PR to look at the big picture of the company in order to utilize the stories in the […]

How Small Businesses Can Boost Their Online Presence

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Owning a small local business is a huge accomplishment for anyone. In a capitalist society, it is our privilege to be able to take our dreams and skills and turn them into a profitable business. But, that doesn’t mean the road will be simple — in fact, it’s more often quite the opposite. A small […]

PR Tips For Startups

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You’ve decided to set up a new company. Congratulations! No doubt filled with that new-baby glow, you’re probably also wondering how to make your message stand out amid the crowd of other emerging businesses. You might also be wondering how your strategy will need to shift as your new company grows, or how you deal […]

Public Relations for Small Business

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Public relation is a vital part of the marketing process. It can help a company grow and succeed which most entrepreneurs are aware of. Yet it can be difficult to know exactly what having good public relations means or how to effectively create a good pr campaign, especially if the company is new or small. […]

Public relations tips

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Crisis communication is a central part of any public relations strategy. When something occurs and threatens your clients’ reputation, it’s the job of a PR pro to get ahead of the situation. This is only possible with the right preparation. 1. Advance planning “When you are launching a controversial campaign or releasing some breaking news […]

Does Your Small Business Need a Website?

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With the popularity of social media and other shortened forms of digital media, many business owners find themselves questioning whether or not having a website is a worthwhile expense. While the cost of keeping a website up to date — and that of developing it in the first place — can be overwhelming to some, the […]

Why Delegation Is Vital for Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs are independent. It’s one of the personality traits that turn them from employees to entrepreneurs. But it’s also a personality trait that can be a downfall when left unchecked. Why is this? Because no one person can handle everything that comes with running a fledgling business. Marketing is one of the most important parts of launching […]

Leadership After Failure


Failure. It’s not something that any business wants to go through, but unfortunately it happens more often than not. Perhaps the failure was a long time coming, or maybe things went awry overnight. Regardless of the timing, it can be exceedingly difficult for a leader to rally the troops, so to speak, in the face […]

Best Practices for Improving Leadership Skills

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Creating a positive working environment is a goal for most in leadership positions. Whether it’s a simple group project in college or a CEO leading a Fortune 500 company, the characteristics of a good leader remain the same. Review the “Best Places to Work” list on Glassdoor, and most of the review s will mention […]