Business Development for the Future

2021-08-10 by Jim Crickell
Sales Growth

The last year has been a turbulent time for everyone, especially start-ups, with the pandemic forcing some to completely pivot while others managed to survive and thrive. The world also saw a big shift to online socializing, working, shopping, and more. Companies that are looking to incorporate some of the lessons they’ve learned in the last few months to be able to build a stronger business for the future should expect even more transformation in the future. Remote Work While this may have been an obvious point, there’s plenty of room for growth when it comes to remote work all... Read More >

Different Types of Copy in Marketing and PR

2021-08-02 by JamesD
branded content

Although the past year accelerated the digital trend, most people and companies around the world were already going digital long before that. Going digital goes hand-in-hand with digital marketing and a remote buying experience, which makes writing efficient and attractive copy essential for many companies. All pieces of content and copy should be used to convert the page visitors into buying customers. Website Copy These days, the face of any business is its website. Most industries have seen an improved performance on their websites in the past few months, which means instead of businesses seeing a very digital trend, they’re... Read More >

Navigating Backlash After Misleading Statements

2021-07-21 by Jim Crickell
Gear OnePlus 8T front and back SOURCE OnePlus

The computer hardware magazine recently figured out that the smartphone company, OnePlus, had started doing something unexpected. The company had started throttling the performance of his brand new, flagship smartphone. According to the publication, one of its journalists noticed an inexplicable slow down of the new OnePlus 9 Pro smartphone, and the journalist quickly realized that the smartphone was diverting a list of very popular apps away from the phone’s CPU. The company had implemented the Snapdragon 888, which has a very high performance for a central processing unit (CPU), but was diverting these apps away from the CPU to... Read More >

The Aftermath of Communications and PR

2021-07-21 by JamesD
crowd people pl sant jaume barcelona 21325063

crowd people pl sant jaume barcelona 21325063 According to recent research from the Copenhagen Business School, a company’s value and reputation can be severely damaged by any workplace misconduct allegations, specifically sexual harassment. There are serious consequences for sexual harassment victims, but also for business owners, investors, and managers as well, because these types of situations can quickly decrease a company’s market value. According to the results of the Copenhagen Business School research, after reports of such harassment surface with the public, a company’s stock value drops by 1.5%, which is around $450 million in average impact for companies. The... Read More >

Checkout This

2021-07-15 by JamesD
1 QwN u7NaPehHGQtk64PmbQ

1 QwN u7NaPehHGQtk64PmbQ How important is it for customers to go online, purchase what they’re seeking, and easily checkout? More than half say they now decide where to shop online based on a brand’s checkout process. That interesting discovery is what 55.4% of the 600 consumers surveyed last September revealed to Bread, an online payment and financing platform. Brands who think the checkout process is no big deal may wish to consider Bread’s other findings. Nearly three-fourths of those surveyed (73.8%) said they weren’t even certain they would patronize a merchant who had a tough checkout process. Marketers who succeed... Read More >

Customer Service Burnout Priorities

2021-07-11 by Jim Crickell
emotional burnout and covid 19 1

The pandemic was bad enough and then the holidays came upon us. Historically, the last few weeks of the year always bring more stress on people for a multitude of reasons. And for customer service employees, this stress even extends into the new year with the usual crush of holiday gift returns, exchanges, complaints, and a host of other issues. It’s hard enough that 40% of customers want service reps to resolve their problems faster, according to customer service platform Feefo. What can leaders do to help relieve or reduce this stress? Appreciation Making employees feel appreciated and invaluable has... Read More >

Who Needs PR?

2021-07-07 by Jim Crickell
Microphones resized 1200x565 1

While plenty of business owners seek  to get as much PR coverage as possible, not everyone needs it as much as they might think. Some industries don’t need to have much PR and might  achieve even more public exposure by investing in their advertising. On the other hand, some industries do best in front of the media. Whether it’s because they’re experts in a particularly complex field, or because they have insider knowledge about certain subjects that  affect  people’s lives. These types of businesses should have an easier time connecting with the public. Then, there are businesses that strive for media... Read More >

Essentials of e-marketing for online travel business

2021-07-07 by JamesD

When researching vacation destinations and purchasing travel packages, most customers seek options online. There is no single marketing technique that would cater to all types of customers and their needs. A linear process may not be successful. 1)      Article marketing - A short article tied into a service or product is a relatively inexpensive form of advertising. The article can be freely distributed online. It can mention what differentiates your business from others. This distinguishing factor can fall under  a lot of different categories like customer service, safety standards, awards, or  guides. Find the USP and focus on it. 2)      Use Google Ads-... Read More >

How to Spot and Stop Fake News

2021-07-04 by JamesD
trump fakenews RM prw main T10 27 2020

Disinformation is dangerous. Defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary as “false information deliberately and often covertly spread (as by the planting of rumors) to influence public opinion or obscure the truth,” disinformation can impact people’s health and wellbeing, livelihoods, and mental health.  As PR professionals, disinformation can prove to be an obstacle that is hard to overcome. While PR is advancing certain positions or opinions, it is vital to separate opinion from disinformation. Opinions are statements that, while not cold, hard facts, are also not wrong, such as what color a new phone should be or why purchasing a particular product is... Read More >

Internal Issues and Communicating with the Public

2021-07-01 by JamesD
ARC20 ProgramPages

For thousands of users, the social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website Reddit was recently down for a few hours, showing an error screen with a code 503, after taking a long time in trying to load any pages. The platform also has its own status page, where users can track whether Reddit is working or not, and note where they might encounter any errors in their navigation. According to this status page, the platform reported an “elevated level of API errors” and the popular website status platform Downdetector saw a spike in user reports of problems on... Read More >

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