Creative Ways to Thank Your Customers

customer service

Showing appreciation is one of the simplest ways to build rapport in any relationship, and the one that you form with your customers is no different. Indeed, showing your customers that you care is one of the easiest ways to strengthen your brand-customer bond, and yet surprisingly few businesses take the time to do so. […]

Maximizing Performance as a ‘One-Person Show’

maximize profits

The idea of entrepreneurship or a freelance lifestyle is attractive to many marketing professionals. After all, what could be better than setting one’s own schedule, answering to zero bosses, and finding fulfillment in work? Working solo has a long list of perks and benefits, but this lifestyle is far from easy. It requires a lot […]

Top Tips for Budding Entrepreneurs

As the founder of successful production company Modern Producers, Adrian Wood has a thing or two to say about building a workable subscription model. And a growing business. The key, he says, is putting himself in the position of the customers and determining what an up and coming producer would need to get started. With […]

What’s in a Trademark? Protecting Your Brand and Business

One of the less glamorous, but no less important, parts of becoming an entrepreneur is acquainting yourself with a host of rules, practices, and terminology that make up the backbone of your business. One of these elements is trademarks: what is a trademark, what parts of your business can you trademark, and what stage of […]

How a Marketing Agency Can Assist Business with Growth


Depending on the industry, finding space to grow can be difficult. This means that sales and customer growth need to correspond with each other, and success in these categories comes from a strong approach to marketing. However, not every business has an in-house marketing expert. And often, it can be less cost-effective to pay a […]

Are Open Collaborative Offices Really the Solution?

collaborative work spaces

Seemingly everywhere, a new start-up opens its doors to new employees, boasting about open office space and a collaborative environment. These open office plans are a newer trend, and the idea is that employees can share more time together, encouraging more brainstorming and creative flow. It sounds great in theory, and this type of office […]

Easy Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is an important element of the customer relationship, and it’s an integral part of increasing the efficiency of marketing. After all, repeat customers are much easier to maintain than prospecting for new customers. And while businesses must focus on both to succeed, the value of building customer loyalty is often underestimated. A business […]

Effectively Using Email Marketing to Grow Customer Relationships

email marketing insights

Marketers must be continuously on their feet in order to have the best tactic for reaching new customers. As consumer behavior shifts, it’s up to marketing experts to help their clients keep up. One of the most steadfast customer channels remains email. Both older and younger generations still use their email on a daily basis, […]

Boosting E-commerce Sales with Live Chat

live chat assisting sales

If your marketing strategy has yet to roll out live chats to your website, this summer is as good a time as any to get started. When it comes to e-commerce stores, in particular, live chat can go a long way to boosting your brand’s credibility, delivering a better customer service experience, and helping more […]

Increasing Conversions on Product Pages

As an e-commerce business owner, you already know that your product page is where the majority of your customers make the final decision to either buy your product or leave your store. Unfortunately, the all-important product page is often one of the most neglected sections of the sales funnel. While most store owners tend to […]