Robots in retail

2022-03-22 by EPR Staff
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Robots, to some extent, ensure safety for human beings as they can work in risky circumstances. Not only is their work accurate, which reduces wastage, they can also work for greater lengths of time compared to human beings. This also lessens the cost of production and makes goods cheaper. With the pandemic, demands for hygiene have increased, particularly in retail and hence stores are using robots to serve customers better. Amazon as the trendsetter Amazon started using robots in its warehouses in 2012. In a recent blog post, the behemoth demonstrated how its robots improve the safety of its workplace... Read More >

Website Redesign and SEO

2022-03-21 by EPR Staff

If a company's website is no longer efficient, it might be time to redesign it, because this can lead to a 300% improvement in conversion rates . While redesigns can be quite expensive, companies should know that it's a much better option compared to having an inefficient website that's only losing money for the business. However, when redesigning a website, it's important to avoid the mistakes that can hinder a company's SEO effort. Any large-scale changes to a company's website, such as elements of the code, structure, content, or visuals have an impact on SEO scores. This is an important... Read More >

Correct Utilization of a Progress Bar

2022-03-10 by EPR Staff
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It's not always easy for companies to drive conversions, and most of the time, when asking potential consumers to take any action, they end up doing the exact opposite of that ask, like abandoning their shopping cart. There are plenty of strategies that companies can use to drive more conversions, but one of the frequently overlooked ones is adding a progress bar to the company's business website. The progress bar lets consumers know where they currently are in the process of completing an action, whether that action is making a purchase, or simply filling out a form. A progress bar... Read More >

Protecting User Information and Data Collection

2022-03-02 by EPR Staff
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20ontech superJumbo Google is being sued by the attorneys general of three different states, as well as by the District of Columbia, for the (allegedly) deceptive collection of users’ location data on Android devices. The complaints from the attorneys general are built on a lawsuit from the Arizona Attorney General from 2020, which alleged that Google’s complex locating system can be confusing for users trying to figure out whether they’re sharing their location with the corporation at a given moment. Aside from that, the attorneys general also alleged that the corporation was presenting users of Android devices with constant nudging,... Read More >

Potato milk is the next big thing

2022-02-24 by EPR Staff
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If reports and surveys are to be believed, the milk derived from potatoes is going to be the next big thing in the year 2022. A lot of people have stopped using animal-derived milk for a variety of reasons. Some of them are unable to drink dairy milk due to allergies or lactose intolerance. Others follow a vegan diet and have an ethical issue with the consumption of animal products. As a result, a range of non-dairy substitutes are now available. While almond, soy, oat, and cashew milk are now the most popular, potato milk, a new addition, may appear... Read More >

Best cryptocurrency bets for 2022

2022-02-23 by EPR Staff
best altcoin 2022

Governments and banks are still coming to terms with the enormity of digital assets. Bitcoin is still 60.40% above other assets including gold and real estate. There are over 16,000 digital assets in existence, with an ever-expanding field of offerings. It can be difficult navigating through so many options. Given below are the best cryptocurrencies to consider. Bitcoin Bitcoin is expected to maintain its value in the future. Bitcoin’s history as an asset has been turbulent. It has gone through several cycles of rise and fall over its relatively short lifespan. It has inspired a host of other currencies in... Read More >

Innovative learning in business schools during the pandemic

2022-02-22 by EPR Staff
Harvard Business School Baker Library

Quite a few business schools are prepared for the uncertainty that is likely to characterize the coming months due to the pandemic. Some schools have adapted well to the new demands and requirements, and some have managed to use the pandemic as a springboard to think of innovations about the future of education. New trends in learning and teaching are becoming popular, driven in part by the pandemic as well as technological innovation. Given below are some current trends that will make the process of learning at a business school more seamless than before. New teaching model The new teaching... Read More >

Actions on Mitigating Spread of Misinformation

2022-02-22 by EPR Staff
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In a recent open letter to his manager and record label, Neil Young demanded that all of his music be removed from Spotify because of the vaccine misinformation that’s being spread on the streaming platform by podcaster Joe Rogan. The open letter was posted to Young’s website but later removed. In the letter, the musician said that the platform could have either him or Rogan, but not both of them at the same time. The reason for his decision was because the streaming platform has supported the spread of false information regarding the Covid-19 vaccines, and potentially caused harm or... Read More >

All About SERPs

2022-02-07 by EPR Staff
google ranking

Practically everyone has used Google to look things up before, and for many people, it’s become second nature to input a query and get millions of results for that question. This has been happening so frequently over the years that there’s even a name for the lists of these results - Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). They’re displayed after a user inputs a search query, and the most relevant information is served at the top of the page, which means it’s high ranking. Search Intent and Queries Search queries are the string of words that a user inputs in the... Read More >

Personalized Advertising Efforts

2022-01-25 by EPR Staff

Personalized advertising efforts aren’t a very new concept. However, it’s one that’s constantly evolving because of the improvements in technology. What many used to consider to be intrusive or even spam in terms of marketing has now become common in personalized advertising efforts.There are plenty of benefits that companies can get from those efforts. Personalized advertising offers companies a lower cost per acquisition, higher click-through rates, and  an overall better customer experience. All of that results in a better return on investment (ROI) for companies that utilize personalized advertising efforts. That’s because those efforts help businesses get their messages in... Read More >

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