4 Things to Ask Influencer Marketing Agencies

4 Things to Ask your Influencer Marketing Agency

You want to create some media buzz for your company and build brand exposure so you decide to engage in influencer marketing. You decide to engage an influencer marketing agency because they have the experience and network to run results-driven campaigns that you hope can have a positive impact on your ROI. 

After looking into the market, you find there are quite a few agencies that specialize in influencer marketing out there and you’re not sure which ones the best fit for your company. To help you, here are four questions to ask your potential partner agency to ease your decision-making process and make your campaign more successful:

1.    How much and what am I paying for?

There are a lot of parts to managing an influencer campaign. These include:

–       Filtering and identifying the right influencers
–       Connecting with the right influencers
–       Building partnerships with influencers
–       Guaranteeing results
–       Producing instructions and brand guidelines
–       Negotiating terms of payment with influencers
–       Contracting and paying influencers
–       Reviewing posts for quality and content     

Find out exactly what is provided by the agency and what parts you’ll have to take on, so you know what you’re paying for and you have managed expectations from both sides. Make sure you discuss if there’ll be any additional costs or fluctuation in pricing based on factors. 

2.    What experience do you have in my industry?

Ask what the agency has done within your industry or sector. This will help you understand two things: how well the agency knows your industry and what to expect from a campaign with this agency by conducting a case study into its past campaigns. The best case scenario would be an agency that has successfully implemented a campaign within your industry. 

An agency that hasn’t worked in your industry shouldn’t be completely ruled out, as other aspects of the agency – like the pricing structure, approach to work and available networks – may suit your needs. Get the agency to build a proposal so you can see how the campaign will be run to assess whether they can meet the needs of your company.

3.    How do you build and maintain your network?

Key to running a successful influencer campaign is fostering good relationships with influencers, as they are the ones out there promoting your product. Keep in mind they put their personal brand at risk to be the face of a brand’s product.

Ask questions about how the agency compensates their influencers and how they communicate with them. An influencer’s reputation should also be a priority and ensuring they have a positive experience with the brand goes a long way.  

4.    What is our involvement in the process?

It depends on you on how much you want to engage with the process. Some brands like to be hands-on and have a say in various aspects of the influencer campaign, some prefer to hand it over completely to the agency.

Make sure the agency you want to engage with knows how involved or not involved you want to be, and that their working style suits your preferences.

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