Email and SMS Marketing Strategies

Most marketers understand that email marketing is a very important element of any company’s success. However, texting has recently surged in popularity and turned into another way that companies can achieve success. A majority of marketers have noted an increase in revenue from their SMS marketing efforts. Businesses that are looking for fresh and creative ways to engage with their target audiences should adapt their SMS and email marketing strategies to improve the customer experience and grow their subscriber lists. 

Growing Numbers

It’s estimated that over 4 billion people will be using email by 2024, which means companies can increase their website traffic, conversions, and revenue by utilizing the right email strategies. Companies should thus follow the latest marketing tools and trends, and use data to optimize their emails. This will increase open rates and conversions. Companies can also use texting to increase their revenue, considering the fact that about 60% of consumers check their texts within 5 minutes of receiving them. This makes text messages a great way to grab the attention of target audiences. The click-through rates of text campaigns are quite high, at nearly 20%, which is even better than email, which has a click-through rate of around 4%.

Email Strategies

Most companies, regardless of their size, have reported that about half the content that they create and distribute is developed solely for audiences that are in the early stages of the buying journey. The most popular types of platforms that those companies use are social media, blogs, and email. Email newsletters are a great way for companies to nurture their leads and get them to continue to the next stage of their buying journey. The most important metrics that companies should be tracking for their email marketing campaigns are click-through rates as well as the number of downloads relative to overall email subscriber numbers. With the help of email newsletter content, companies are able to educate their target audiences and build credibility with consumers. These newsletters can also help build loyalty among the existing customers, thereby generating more revenue and sales.

SMS Strategies

Text messaging isn’t going to be decreasing in popularity any time soon, and in fact, the numbers are only expected to grow in the coming years. SMS campaigns are a very effective way for companies to consistently communicate with their consumers and grab their attention. While most people don’t really enjoy receiving phone calls or overly promotional emails from companies, they do enjoy receiving text messages. According to research, many consumers prefer to communicate with brands for troubleshooting purposes especially if they have any purchasing concerns or questions about billing. Since the start of the pandemic, the hourly use of smartphones has increased by about 40%, and plenty of businesses have noted that consumers have started communicating a lot more efficiently through text initiatives compared to other efforts. Companies that embrace this trend can gain a strong competitive advantage over other businesses that are slow to take advantage of SMS campaigns.

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