European Travel Commission Issues Marketing RFP

This tender is launched in the framework of an ad-hoc grant of the European Commission (EC) to the European Travel Commission (ETC) with the aim to support the promotion of thematic trans-European tourism products in third countries.  This project contributes to the implementation of ETC’s marketing strategy “Horizon 20221” which aims to build a distinctive image of Europe as a travel destination in long-haul markets, maintain its market share and better disperse traveller flows (in terms of geography and seasons) while taking into account residents’ aspirations for sustainable tourism growth.

The present document is intended as a guideline based on ETC’s goals and requirements.


The European Travel Commission (ETC) is an international non-profit making association of official National Tourism Organisations (NTOs) in Europe. The organisation was established in 1948 and is headquartered in Brussels (Belgium).  

ETC’s mission is to support the promotion of Europe as a tourist destination in major long-haul markets. For its member NTOs, ETC also provides a broad portfolio of market intelligence services and encourages the sharing of best practices. ETC is established as a private body (AISBL) under the law of Belgium and is VAT registered.

Moreover, within the scope of its mission, ETC works regularly with the European Commission on a series of initiatives aimed at maintaining Europe’s position as the world’s leading travel destination.

Further information about ETC can be found on the website

The project subject of this procurement is implemented by ETC in partnership with the following organisations:

• German National Tourist Board (GNTB): On behalf of the German federal government, the GNTB works to promote Germany as a travel destination. It communicates the diverse appeal of the country to a worldwide market, thereby promoting a strong and attractive brand – ‘Destination Germany’.

• Polish Tourism Organisation (PTO): It is a government agency supporting legal entities dealing with tourism in Poland. Its objective is the promotion of Poland as a modern attractive country offering tourists a high standard of services and appealing prices. It carries out work focused on the promotion and development of Polish tourism both at home and abroad.

• Value Retail: Value Retail is a company specialised exclusively in the creation and operation of luxury outlet destinations, The Bicester Village Shopping Collection in Europe and China.

• Visit Flanders: Visit Flanders is the official DMO responsible for promoting Flanders as an attractive tourism destination.

Scope of Work:

ETC intends to commission the development and execution of a digital marketing campaign (also referred to as the project) to a marketing agency (hereinafter referred to as the contractor). The promotional campaign is targeted and must be well-suited for the niche community of travellers whose main motivation to travel to a certain place is to enjoy extraordinary experiences framed around local cultural scenes and lifestyle (contemporary arts, architecture and design, fashion, music, street and performing arts) of small or mediumsize urban areas, also referred to as Creative Cities of Europe. 

This interest connects with the community of City Life Enthusiasts2; those who swap landmarks for local life, trade the well-worn path for a secret side street and crave a culture of creative contrast and artistic reinvention. They want to “live like a local” while developing their own creativity and put emphasis on the atmosphere of the places they visit. 

Within the above interest-based community, the campaign must specifically appeal to affluent (semi-)Free Independent Travellers (FITs) from urban “melting pots” travelling for leisure who are at the dreaming, consideration and/or sharing stage of their travel cycle and help drive them down the path to purchase. There is a particular interest in engaging repeat visitors to Europe as opposed to first-time visitors from long-haul markets. 

The scope of this project focuses on the promotion of creative industries and contemporary art experiences as well as retail and shopping experiences in Europe as a whole and in Flanders (Belgium), Germany and Poland in particular.  

These inspiring experiences and stories must appeal to and engage FITs and other members of the interestbased community (B2C) as well as a niche travel trade audience (B2B) from the following markets: China, Canada, Japan and the USA.  

Note that the above market-mix is tentative and subject to change during project implementation. ETC and its partners reserve the right to modify or remove markets form the current mix. The contractor must have the capacity to implement the project in the current market-mix and their proposal should be built accordingly. In the event of a change in the market-mix during project implementation, the contractor must be able to reallocate resources and adjust deliverables and KPIs within the present scope of the project. 

This project comprises the three interconnected and indivisible assignments3 which are described in the following paragraphs:

1) Creative and Content Production

Creative design, development and production of inspiring and engaging editorial and video content. The content must cover a range of experiences that highlight Europe in general and the destinations in focus, in particular around the editorial theme of creative industries and contemporary arts as well as retail and shopping experiences. The content must be developed and edited in the local language, presenting a bespoke and tailored approach for the target interest-based community (B2C) in each market.  

2) Content Distribution 

Digital distribution and advertisement of the content to B2C target audiences at scale in all key markets. 

3) Trade (B2B) Marketing Activity

The contractor must repurpose the content to educate, build destination awareness and drive conversion among key niche travel trade professionals in each of the markets in focus.


The estimated total maximum contract value for the entire lifetime of the contract is EUR 375,000 (three hundred and seventy-five thousand euros), exclusive of VAT. 

Due Date:

22 April 2020, Local time: 23:59


Contact person: Teodora Marinska

Relevant agencies include Hunter PR and Magrino PR.

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