Hunter PR Profile

Hunter PR Profile

Hunter Public Relations is an award-winning PR company with offices within both London and New York, and an imprint across North America. The organization was originally founded in 1989, as an agency specifically devoted to food and nutrition public relations. Starting with a focus on research-driven consumer insights and marketing, the company has evolved into one of the best-known mid-sized marketing firms in the country.

Today, Hunter PR has more than 100 full-time staff on board as part of their team.

Hunter PR Leadership and Clients:

Hunter PR began its focus in the PR industry, with the food and beverage sector. They also have experience with the health and beauty and home and lifestyle industries. However, the company is also proud to serve a broad range of additional brands and companies in a host of powerful sectors around the world. Hunter PR has been a leader in the area of food and beverage public relations for more than 20 years.

The team behind Hunter PR note that when their clients grow into other industries, they take them with them, and that has lead to powerful and enduring client relationships with companies like Tabasco Pepper Sauce, Johnson and Johnson, and 3M.

Hunter PR Perks and Problems:

Hunter PR believes that their employees are their most crucial asset, which is why they’re always on the hunt for new talent to join their team. Hunter Public Relations offers a range of competitive benefits, including dental insurance, medical insurance, vision insurance, life insurance, and long or short-term disability insurance.

Employees at Hunter PR can also enjoy a range of perks including cupcakes and cocktails days and an ongoing stipend for education. Hunter PR has earned a reputation as a great place to work, though some employees believe that it could do with giving more inclusion to junior staff.

Hunter PR Services:

Hunter PR is a team of experts that deliver public relations programs designed to increase engagement, build brand equity and build results for brands and companies. This organization uses a broad range of traditional publicity, digital and social media outreach, strategic partnerships and more to connect with target customers. Services include:

  • Equity-building strategies
  • Social and digital media marketing
  • Traditional media relations
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Influencer seeding

Through the combination of various tactics, Hunter PR’s marketing programs increase the visibility and awareness of brands, helping to change their perception in the marketplace, drive trials, and facilitate communications with target clients.

Getting a Job with Hunter PR:

Hunter Public Relations is always on the lookout for new and passionate PR professionals to join their team. They offer options for a range of different customers, including recent college graduates who want to learn about the public relations industry in a professional and creative atmosphere.

To apply for a job working with Hunter PR, applicants can simply send a resume and cover letter to the jobs section of the business

Hunter PR Miscellaneous:

The practitioners at Hunter PR constantly appear in a range of media outlets online today to help share their skills and expertise with the world.

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