Magrino PR: A Profile Of A PR Agency

Magrino PR

Magrino PR was founded in 1992, by Susan Magrino, who previously spent years working on her career at Crown Publishing. When Magrino first founded her company, she named it Susan Magrino Agency, but it was later renamed to Magrino PR.

Throughout the years, Magrino PR has become a leading full-service public relations company, working not only in public relations but in communications and marketing as well. This PR agency works with some of the most respected companies in the wine, food, travel as well as the consumer goods industries. These days, the founder, Susan Magrino is winning PR awards and advancing the field of public relations.

The company has an original way of combining the big creative ideas with breakthrough strategies so that it can achieve the business as well as the marketing goals of each one of their clients.

With Magrino PR, you can be sure that the story your brand is trying to showcase is going to be presented through brand new and fresh perspectives that most companies would never consider doing so. The experts that the company has onboard can easily find the target demographic for the next campaign and create it in a way that leaves a lasting impact on the audience and garners a more profound connection between the brand and the audience.

The main focus of Magrino PR is in the name itself: public relations. However, they don’t work on public relations in the traditional sense, which encompasses writing speeches or setting up press conferences. With Magrino PR, any company will be able to achieve highly-valued media coverage, due to the relationships that this company has with various media outlets.

If you’re looking to generate buzz around a new launch, it’s especially important to do so at the right time. And the professionals at Magrino PR can work on figuring out how needed is your product in the market, so that they can create the new launch campaign accordingly. They can carefully craft a narrative around this new product that will be highly appealing to media outlets as well as current and potential clients.

Magrino PR Events 

In addition to that, Magrino PR also has an event management team that has handled many exclusive events. And not only the events themselves, but the coverage of everything surrounding it, including the coverage of the pre-event as well as the post-event, which are frequently crucial for the success of a brand. This is all thanks to the expert event coverage team, while the event management team focuses on the red-carpet, check-in and guest list.

If you’re looking for your company or for your brand to be regarded as a specialist or an expert in the field, Magrino PR can help you with that goal as well. The professionals onboard can expertly craft the ideas, values, the knowledge as well as the products or the services that your brand provides into ways that the media outlets and audiences will find alluring.

The campaigns by Magrino PR effectively take advantage of traditional as well as contemporary strategies to establish a company as a thought leader. Aside from this, the agency can develop and provide thought-provoking ideas and messages, that can be included in any talking points or press releases related to the subject.

The company is also available for media training as well as media audit. The team members are there to help any brand or any executive to prepare for a sensational TV appearance, which is often a key element of any strategy. This, along with the media audit, which can precisely pinpoint the possible gaps in the current campaigns of any brand can lead to impactfully deliver any idea or message, with the right tone, at the right time.

Additionally, whenever you’re in need of a short-term project, such as a gala, a small product launch, or even a grand opening, it means you’re in need of a precise and effective PR campaign. With Magrino PR, your brand will excel in terms of media coverage and awareness, well before the big day even happens. But it can also excel in having audiences talking about the brand long after the event, thanks to the professional post-event coverage.

Paired with the variety of creative services that the agency offers, such as videography, photography, stop-motion, original music, as well as professional editing, any PR campaign can truly shine and grab the attention of potential customers.

Magrino can take care of the PR and marketing side of your brand in a way that can make anyone feel well taken care of, without skimming on any of the details that really matter.

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